3 12, 2021

VR and PR

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You may have heard the news: just last month, Facebook changed the name of its  umbrella company to Meta to publicly announce its new focus on the metaverse. This news sparked many conversations about how the emergence of virtual reality (VR) will change the future of media.  As budding public relations professionals, we are all [...]

2 04, 2020

What You Need to Know About Quibi

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By: Kylee Reinert (@kyleereinert) Well, it seems like we all have quite a bit more unplanned free time on our hands. With that free time tends to come one of two things: lots of Netflix binges and social media surfing, or deep cleaning and discovering new hobbies. I know I have trouble balancing the two- wanting [...]

16 01, 2020

#TBT PRSSAIC Recap: Media Relations & Storytelling – When The News Isn’t Good

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By: Olivia Windorf (@owindy_) Storytelling is intrinsic to human culture. Whether it’s shared through folk tales, legends, myths, or just while sitting around a campfire - it’s what unites and teaches us about others. Storytelling has been the core of human nature since the beginning of time. For this very reason, Aileen Izquierdo and Heather [...]

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