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  • All Things Social Media w/ Anthony Yepez

    Who’s Our Guest? Anthony Yepez is a 12+ year social media professional based out of New York City who has worked on both the brand and agency side for global companies such as Spartan and most recently Digitas North America. He leverages understanding [...]

  • Working Remotely & Graphic Design w/ Corey Bricker

    Summary of Guest Corey Bricker is a graphic designer for Logos Communications, a remote communications agency. As their sole designer, Corey works with many different clients and is passionate about the connection between words and art. When not working on a design project, [...]

Making First ImPRessions: Tips for Success

It’s that time again, and summer is officially in swing! While this time of year brings us the much-needed time to catch rays, catch up with friends, or catch up on a few hours of sleep, it is also a time for new beginnings. You may be starting in a new internship position, summer job, volunteer opportunity, or getting [...]

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VR and PR

December 3rd, 2021|0 Comments

You may have heard the news: just last month, Facebook changed the name of its  umbrella company to Meta to publicly announce its new focus [...]

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