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Connections & Criticism w/ Marvis Herring

Summary of Guest Marvis Herring is a journalist currently working at WLKY News in Louisville, KY. He previously worked at Wood TV8 in Grand Rapids, MI. As a graduate of Grand Valley State University, Marvis has been both an anchor and producer when working in news. When not on camera, Marvis loves to travel, dance, and practice self-care.  [...]

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It’s Go Time, COVID and all.

As the President of GVPRSSA, I want to welcome you back to a year that looks a bit different than you’ve ever seen PRSSA function before. As the communicators in times of stress and chaos, we adapt. So of course, our E-board and advisers have done everything in our power to provide you with an experience that will push [...]

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Working Remotely & Graphic Design w/ Corey Bricker

Summary of Guest Corey Bricker is a graphic designer for Logos Communications, a remote communications agency. As their sole designer, Corey works with many different clients and is passionate about the connection between words and art. When not working on a design project, Corey loves to spend time with her family, take care of her horses, and be [...]

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Relationship Building for PR Pros & Journalists with Bryce Huffman

Summary of Guest Bryce Huffman is a reporter and producer for Bridge Detroit, and a former reporter and podcast host with Michigan Radio NPR. Huffman graduated from Central Michigan University in 2016 and has since won multiple Associated Press and Michigan Association of Broadcasters awards for his reporting. When he's not working, he's usually writing poetry and comedy. [...]

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The Importance of Networking in PR and on LinkedIn-Edition

Social media is incorporated into our everyday lives whether we’re actively scrolling or talking about a post our favorite celebrity just put onto Instagram. Now, we even have a position for managing and planning social media in the advertising and public relations world. As fun as it is to post about how cute our pets are on Facebook for [...]

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End of Summer Reflection: Summer During a Pandemic

This summer was not what anyone expected. Internships canceled, businesses closed, masks on. As we gear closer towards the upcoming school year, I have been reflecting on how even in a very stressful and complex stage of life, it is important to notice the changes and to see the good things that have come out of this summer. The [...]

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