Your PRSSA executive board is here for you. These are the faces that put in extra hours to plan and execute a successful Chapter for your benefit. Whether you are looking for a mentor, have a quick question about the organization or the PR industry, or just want to chit chat—the board is always available. Read up on their bios below and get to know them! You can also reach our Chapter with general questions at

Allison Canter
Allison CanterPresident
Twitter Handle: @allsncntr
Linkedin: Allison Canter
Year: Senior
Hometown: Wyandotte, MI
PR Specialty: Writing and Management
Describe the internet: Inconsistent but important.
Lindsay Corwin
Lindsay Corwin CEO of GrandPR
Twitter Handle: @lindsay_corwin
Linkedin: Lindsay Corwin
Year: Junior
Hometown: Lakeview, MI
PR Specialty: Digital Analytics
Describe the internet: Simplified, the internet is a proxy for digital communication.
Kylee Reinert
Kylee ReinertVP of Member Services
Twitter Handle: @kyleereinert
Linkedin: Kylee Reinert
Year: Senior
Hometown: Frankenmuth, MI
PR Specialty: Copywriting
Describe the internet: All of the information and communication you could ever want, at the touch of a button.
Ella Rechner
Ella RechnerVP of Public Relations
Twitter Handle: @ellarechner
Linkedin: Ella Rechner
Year: Senior
Hometown: Sault Sainte Marie, MI
PR Specialty: Strategic Communications & Event Planning
Samantha StoddardVP of Programming
Twitter Handle: @SamStoddard96
Linkedin: Samantha Stoddard
Year: Senior
Hometown: Linden, MI
PR Specialty: Media Relations, Event Planning, and Writing
Describe the internet: Endless opportunities for information, connections, and distractions at the click of a button.
Kady Volmering
Kady VolmeringVP of Professional Development
Twitter Handle: @kadyvolmering
Linkedin: Kady Volmering
Year: Senior
Hometown: Midland, MI
PR Specialty: Writing
Describe the internet: A place where good and bad get easily confused but can be used for infinite good if used with compassion and strategy
Emma Nelson
Emma NelsonPodcast Director
Twitter Handle: @emmanelson34
Linkedin: Emma Nelson
Year: Junior
Hometown: Norton Shores, MI
PR Specialty: Events & Writing
Describe the internet: The internet is home to information (Wikipedia <3) and all things that make me laugh and keep me entertained (also applies to Wikipedia).
Bethanie McGraw
Bethanie McGrawVP of Fundraising
Twitter Handle: @bethaniemcgraw
Linkedin: Bethanie McGraw
Year: Senior
Hometown: Midland, MI
PR Specialty: Community Relations
Describe the internet: The internet can bring people together but can cause a lot of problems too.
Samantha Nuno
Samantha NunoSocial Media Director
Twitter Handle: @smarie1231
Linkedin: Samantha Nuno
Year: Senior
Hometown: Aurora, IL
PR Specialty: Digital Marketing
Describe the internet: A resource to find the answer to most questions and a great way to connect with others.
Adrienne Wallace, Ph.D
Adrienne Wallace, Ph.DAssistant Professor, GVSU APR Program
PR Strengths: Digital/Social Strategy, Large-Scale Events, Public Affairs, Crisis Communication, Community Relations
Twitter Handle: @adriwall
LinkedIn: Adrienne Wallace
Derek DeVries
Derek DeVriesProfessional Advisor
PR Strengths: Digital Strategy, Reputation Management & Issues/Crisis Communication, Digital Marketing