Podcasts and PR? Say less! One of the best ways to keep updated with the latest and greatest in the PR industry is to get plugged into podcasts. Podcasts provide insight into the industry, real-life experiences, and so much more. Here are the five best podcasts I’ve listened to for those interested in growing their understanding of the PR industry.

1. PR Hangover
Yes, this is a shameless plug for Grand Valley’s PRSSA podcast. This podcast is phenomenally put together and features Podcast Director and Grand Valley student Olivia Dolley, interviewing professionals with experience in the PR industry. The podcasts also cover topics that lead to success in the Industry and day-to-day life, such as episodes featuring tips and tricks about mental health, constructive conversations, and insight into what it is like to be a PR student entering the PR industry. These episodes are insightful for students who want to understand the opportunities and challenges that follow the PR industry and gain an understanding of how many PR functions there are through local professionals’ wisdom.

2. Spin Sucks
Spin Sucks is an informative and outstanding weekly podcast led by Gina Dietrich, author of the best-selling book, also named Spin Sucks. The podcast focuses on helping listeners understand how to communicate differently with the world. These episodes are perfect for college students or anyone with a busy lifestyle because they are informative and are no longer than 20 minutes. The content focuses on Dietrich’s strategies and discoveries within the PR industry. Her episodes feature her interpretation of the PESO model, earned media, social media, content marketing, and much more. Her thoughts are backed up by research and studies, which she shows listeners throughout the episodes. These episodes allow anyone, no matter where they are in their PR journey, to understand more about the models and ideas that can make a PR campaign successful and impactful. 

3. Rough Translation
Although not specifically a PR podcast, Rough Translation has excellent insight about business owners and employees and what surrounds the business world. PR professionals and businesses work hand in hand, so a firm understanding of businesses and their mindset can significantly impact a campaign or PR pitch to a business. The episodes are focused on a worldwide scope, interviewing employees from around the world, and giving excellent perspective and understanding of how others are approaching the workforce and the business world. The episodes are around 20 minutes and are impactful and provide insight into how those in the business world and the effect stakeholders have in the equation. 

4. PR Week
PR Week is a weekly roundup of the hot topics in the world of PR and communications. The podcast features the editorial director and executive editor of PRWeek, Steve Barrett and Frank Washkuch, conducting in-depth interviews with top industry professionals. In addition to interviewing industry professionals such as P&G’s CCO, Damon Jones, the duo gives tips and tricks for how one can be successful in the PR industry and provides a run down on the week’s top stories. The episodes are around 30 minutes long and are a perfect opportunity for students to understand how the top PR practitioners think, communicate and succeed. 

5. Untapped
One of the fundamental blocks of a PR campaign includes elements of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). This podcast focuses on honest conversations with different industry professionals about how they solve problems and implement DEI in the workplace. Tariq Meyers, through this podcast, shows raw discussions from people from all walks of life. In addition, this podcast allows listeners to have a unique opportunity to glimpse the world through someone else’s eyes and how businesses’ successes and failures relate to DEI. Although these episodes are around 40 minutes, the perspective and insight it provides are worthwhile and will change how a listener views the PR world.

Paige Bodine is a Senior studying Advertising and Public Relations with a minor in Writing. She grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and loves the city! She currently is in the Michigan National Guard and is part of the 126th Public Affairs Detachment, working towards her goal of becoming an army officer. After graduation, she aims to work at a local PR firm in Grand Rapids. She loves to write and spend time with friends and family in her free time. Paige is also part of GrandPR and will be stepping into the role of Account Executive in the fall.