Dr. LaShonda Eaddy, APR, Ph.D. isn’t afraid of research. In fact, she embraces it, teaching her students daily how to apply scholarship to the field of Public Relations. A self-proclaimed “practitioner scholar,” Dr. Eaddy has devoted her career to breaking down the barriers between academics and PR pros. 

So what exactly is an APR certification? Is a Ph.D. completely out of reach? What does it take to successfully implement academia in the field and vice versa? In sharing her vast experiences as a professor and as a professional, she discusses exactly how she manages all of it.

Curious about pursuing either APR or education further? Reach out to Dr. Eaddy on any of the following. She would love to talk.

Website: www.lashondaeaddy.com

Faculty Website: https://www.bellisario.psu.edu/people/individual/lashonda-eaddy

Twitter: @lashondaeaddy

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/lashonda-eaddy-ph-d-apr-12a1b03

Email: leaddy@psu.edu