We all know that having a productive day results in a boost of energy and mood. You can finally go to sleep feeling refreshed and excited to start your next day at work. You may have some productivity tactics that you currently use to get things done, but I can guarantee this blog will give you some new ones. 

Delete Those Tabs

Ever find yourself working with twenty or more tabs open because you feel that they are too important to close? The reality is that those tabs are not too important to close; they are simply a distraction. 

We cannot work on twenty tabs at one time, but we like to have these tabs open to make us feel like we are multitasking. While it seems impressive, humans were not meant to multitask. Instead, multitasking causes us to switch from task to task rapidly, and it takes away from our ability to do them efficiently.

List Maker? Not anymore.

As a list maker myself, I was surprised to find that mind maps are better for productivity than traditional lists. Since mind maps involve a more visual design, it is naturally easier for our brains to retain the information. 

Categorize your tasks while making a mind map. Start with the overall category of your task in the center of the page. Next, branch each subcategory from the center circle. Lastly, branch out each task associated with the subcategories. For example, if you need to work on homework, start with that category, branch into subjects, like math, and then finish by listing specific math assignments.

Surround Your Office With Plants

Did you know that indoor house plants can boost your productivity by 15%? House plants have many other benefits including:

  • Reducing stress.
  • Improving the quality of the air.
  • Improving the comfort of your space.

Open the Blinds

Light up your workspace! Workplaces with a lot of daylight cause employees to have more sleep, which leads to better productivity. Workspaces with less natural light coming in result in less creativity and an increase in negative thoughts. 

Switch Where You Work

Working at the same desk every day can become boring and cause you to lose focus. Switch up which location you work at, whether that be at your desk, at a coffee shop, or at the kitchen table. If you go to an office every day, consider switching desks with a co-worker for the day.

Productivity is something that involves personal preferences and changes in daily habits. Determine which tactics are best for you, and begin your new daily routine. 

About the Author:

Clare Quirin is a junior with a double major in Film and Video and Advertising and Public Relations. She is the social media director for GVPRSSA’s e-board and is an account executive for GrandPR. She also is on the NSAC team and is in Ad Club. Fun fact: Clare likes to ski, hike, and rock climb!