Through a variety of opportunities offered in any given program within the confines of university we know for a fact, particularly during the past year to two years, that being yourself is a difficult feat. It is incredibly tough to act as though you have everything together and you are on your A-game well enough to know when and when not to do tasks assigned to you, especially as a young professional newly entering the workforce. Lets face it, working with well-seasoned professionals is hard when imposter syndrome is constantly creeping down your neck. Let’s chat.

Mental Barriers

I know, I know it’s time for our dear old friend seasonal depression to creep back in. Though you are a worker bee you too feel like poo when those long post-daylight savings days get to you, but need not fear! Getting past mental barriers when it comes to communicating with your higher ups should not be a difficult thing (if it is–please follow up with your HR person; positive work culture is a very real thing that we should all be cultivating). Utilize this verywell infographic to jump start hurdling those mental barriers. You’ve got this, and remember – your mental health does not define you!

Chatting with the Crew

It’s completely daunting to see individuals within a company, organization or social setting in a position in life that you would like to be in and not know exactly how to walk amongst them. I get it, trust me. However, you have got to start somewhere. Socialize with those around you, especially since they are where you may want to be someday. Ask questions, be attentive and work on the Art of Networking. You are only as good as you allow yourself to be, so take these offered areas to grow as motivating challenges.

Work Personality

Going from one social setting to the next within your busy schedule requires the wearing of a multitude of hats – your work personality being one of them. Do not force this one, you can only fit but so many hats on your head before they break or fall off. The work version of you does not have to vastly differ from the real you. Take all that you are within your everyday life and add a sprinkle of professionalism. Not sure where to start? Take a Myers Briggs test, chat with people close to you, or sit with yourself long enough to figure out who you are before work (highly recommend practicing some mindfulness techniques). Define who you are, believe in all of the versions of you that there are, and make your presence known!

Standing Out

What is “standing out” anyways? We live in a world in which it is deemed crucial to the success of you as a professional to stand apart from your peers. How do we do this? Don’t follow the grain, people! The next time that your boss asks you a question, genuinely answer the question rather than formulating robotic answers that you believe they may want to hear. You may even want to check out Forbes’ 7 Ways to Stand Out So Your Employer Notices Your Good Work if you are feeling in need of a little extra professional standing out development. Generally, just don’t do exactly what everyone else has done, where’s the fun in that?

About the Author:

Lauren Stitt is a junior studying Advertising & Public Relations with an emphasis in public relations. Lauren serves as the COO (Chief Operations Officer) for GrandPR. Lauren currently serves as a public relations intern at 8THIRTYFOUR and hopes to graduate and start working within the creative aspects of the public realtions field.