“Our people tell our story best.”

Government communications isn’t solely politics and polarization; it’s a way to give people equal opportunity to have a voice in their community, no matter their background. And, between the press releases, marketing campaigns, and clever social media posts, it’s not so different from other forms of public relations.

David Green, Director of Communications for the City of Grand Rapids, discusses the intersection of his passions and careers, media relations for cities and the military, and the vitality of effective public relations and conversations in the public sector. 

Uncover the hidden gem of government communications as David reveals how he has found public sector work to be both rewarding for himself and impactful in the communities he serves.

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Who is Our Guest?

David Green is the Director of Communications for the Director of Grand Rapids, where he oversees the office of communications, provides support and counsel to the city commission and executive office in all communications matters related to the city,and leads the development and implementation of a strategic communications plan for the city. In his words, Government communications is “a passion.” 

Before Grand Rapids, David served as the Media Relations Manager for the City of Austin after working in various communications roles within the Army. His journey has led him to some important conclusions about the role of communications in a geographic community

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City of Grand Rapids’ Website: https://www.grandrapidsmi.gov/Home

David Green

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