What you’ll find in this episode:

We’ve all heard someone say it: “That’s just good PR…” but let’s be honest – this could mean anything. Plenty of people have little to no understanding of public relations as a profession, and even most students studying public relations don’t have a firm understanding of their field until years into the study. Taking a step back to ask the simple questions and learn the basics is vital.

Students, strangers, and experienced pros alike will find this episode of PR Hangover beneficial. Join us as we break down common misconceptions about the field of public relations, establish the true definition for the strategic process, discuss careers in PR, and ask: is public relations right for you? 

Important Time Stamps:

1:18 – Introduction to your host

3:17 – A PR definition

4:05 – Common misconceptions

7:19 – What PR actually is

9:50 – PR vs. Marketing vs. Advertising

11:10 – In-house vs. Agency

15:33 – Stellar PR work

18:10 – How do you know PR is right for you?

22:56 – Resources

24:16 – Summary


Brady: millsb1@mail.gvsu.edu

The Participants: