Social media is a way for people to post about their weekends or give life updates, however, it is much more significant to brands. A brand’s social media can determine everything about their brand image and it allows them to grow relationships with their audience. According to Hootsuite, 44.8% of global internet users utilized social media as their way of researching brand information in 2020. 

For this reason, public relations professionals must use social media effectively. Here are some ways to use social media with public relations. 

Content Creation is Key

Internet users are drawn to content because it gives them free and useful information about a brand, allows them to connect with the brand image, and builds trust with the audience. It also is a great resource for potential customers to get introduced to the brand. 

The content must relate with the brand image and should coordinate with public relations campaign objectives. It also should be different on each social media platform because there are differing audiences. For example, content on Instagram should be catered towards the younger generations and content on Facebook should be catered towards the older generations. 

Keep Up With Current Events

Posting about the trends and news happening around the world is important. It keeps your audience engaged with your content and can increase the number of shares on your posts.

Additionally, it is necessary to stay updated with the latest events in case there are things that need to be spoken about or ignored. Sometimes brands can speak their stance with something, whereas others should stay quiet. This is also necessary in the case of a crisis, as PR teams must be able to keep up with the quick nature of social media and respond to crises quickly and efficiently. 

Make Your Content Valuable

When writing press releases or posting content on social media, link outside sources to your content so it builds value. This will give more information to the reader and will increase the chances of them sharing the content on their own social media page. 

Brainstorm what your audience may need from your brand, then post content accordingly. Their attention will follow after the valuable content is posted. 

Interact With Your Audience

One of the most valuable things I have been told in my college career is that people connect with people, not brands. Respond to comments, include customers in your content, and share some of their relevant posts on your social media. 

Getting customers involved on your social media will result in more engagement. One of my personal favorite brands is Sand + Fog Scented Candles because they post their repurposed candles in their Instagram story highlights. This allows their customers to show off their creations on the brand’s social media page. 

Everyone has their favorite social media accounts and brands, but there are obvious reasons behind these appeals. Efficient social media strategies draw in customers and keep them loyal and engaged. PR professionals must pay attention to these strategies and master them, so their social media content is exactly what their audience is looking for.

About the Author:

Clare is a junior with a double major in Film and Video and Advertising and Public Relations. This is her third year involved in PRSSA and her first year on E-Board as the Social Media Director. This is also her second year on the Grand PR staff where she will serve as an Account Executive in the fall. Clare plans to find a career involving film editing and social media. In her free time, she likes to go camping, hiking, and rock climbing.