Entering the workforce can be daunting. The anxiety of meeting new people and learning the ins and outs of your company can be overwhelming, then there’s the added pressure of working with platforms you’re unfamiliar with. PR platforms may make you feel discouraged, but rest assured, learning these common tools will give you a leg up when you enter the PR workforce.

Project Management


monday.com is a great tool for managing projects. Its modern layout and functionality are appealing and functional. Through monday.com, you can track time and progress, collaboration and it even has a reporting feature. Monday.com is compatible with Google, making it easy to import documents and pair up deadlines with Google Calendar.


Basecamp is a collaborative platform to manage your progress as well as your team’s progress. Visually, Basecamp lays your teams and projects out nicely and in a way that is easy to follow. This is an excellent tool for the individual who likes lists and crossing off their to-do’s. Basecamps also integrates well with G Suite, making it easy to share documents for collaboration. Basecamp does have a chat feature for quick internal communication.


ClickUp offers one space to manage and track your team’s progress through assigned tasks. This platform also allows you to communicate and collaborate through the software. If you prefer to visualize your tasks and progress, ClickUp provides Gantt charts, calendars, and timelines. G Suite and Slack integrations for this software are a bonus!


Wrike is a powerful solution for any size team made with ease. Wrike allows you to modify the interface to whatever your needs may be. Wrike also uses Gantt charts for clear visualization of all projects and tasks.

Media Relations


No matter what your organization’s focus is, Muckrack makes it easy to find the best journalists to pitch your media releases to. You can create media contact lists tailored to you and your organization’s needs. Muckrack’s search feature allows you to narrow your search to journalists in your area at specific outlets across various mediums. Need a journalist who covers a specific beat? Don’t worry, Muckrack can also narrow your search to that as well.


Manage your media relations more effectively with Prowly. This tool provides you with the opportunity to search for media contacts as well as create visual press releases, send email pitches and maintain a newsroom that is easy for journalists to see. This tool will help you build mutually beneficial relationships with journalists and other media contacts, providing the basic fundamental of PR.

Critical Mention

Critical Mention is the perfect tool for tracking your organization’s mentions as well as topics relevant to your organization or client, allowing you to stay on top of your industry. 

Social Media Scheduling


ContentCal provides you with the opportunity to manage all your social media content planning in one place. Manage multiple social accounts in one centralized place. ContentCal also allows you to communicate and collaborate with your team on upcoming and potential social posts. Schedule posts, keyword filter, feedback analysis are also excellent ContentCal features.


Loomly allows you to create and schedule posts right through their clean interface. Begin a post from scratch or gather content ideas from RSS feeds. This feature automatically drafts a post – customize the base copy so it fits whichever social channel you plan to post to. The interaction screen on Loomly allows you to manage comments, messages and track your organization’s tagged mentions.


Sendible caters to organizations of all sizes. Plan, schedule, and publish posts to multiple social channels synchronously. Schedule and post in bulk or individually right away or as far in advance as you need it. If your content does well, Sendible allows you to repeat your best-performing content. All your content can be seen on a shared publishing calendar for ease.


Hootsuite offers different plans so you get the most out of their platform. Schedule posts at optimal times and create relevant content for a wide range of social platforms. Hootsuite also has a certification process if you want to stand out on your resume!


Schedule your content at appropriate times with Buffer. This tool will suggest the best times to schedule posts so your content reaches your desired public at the optimal time. Buffer also provides analytics where you can track how successful your posts are.

Other Related Tools – the ‘Do-It-All’ Programs


Cision allows you to manage your campaign with ease. Through Cision, you can track and analyze your organization’s mentions and find opportunities to prove your PR efforts. This is a platform made for Public Relations. Cision also allows you to find the perfect contact to send your pitches to. This is an excellent tool to keep your campaign consolidated.


Another all-in-one tool, PressPage provides you with the ability to design your newsroom, distribute your content, manage your media database and track your organization’s or client’s performance. This PR tool is perfect for your online newsroom.


Prezly allows you to streamline your campaign’s workflow. This tool does it all from managing your media contacts, allowing 1-1 pitching, providing analytics and so much more. For all PR professionals alike, this tool is sure to prove you with the capabilities for perfect Public Relations.

Don’t let these tools scare you! No matter where you work, learning the basics of these tools will guarantee you success at your new job. Once you’ve learned one, you’ve learned them all — they’re all beneficial to PR success!

About the Author:

Carolyn Mathis is a senior in the Advertising and Public Relations program. Her favorite PR platforms are MuckRack and Basecamp. This is Carolyn’s second year as a PRSSA member. She also serves as an Account Executive at GrandPR and is working towards her PRSSA Certificate in Public Relations Fundamentals. She also serves on the membership committee at West Michigan’s chapter of PRSA as a student volunteer. After graduation, this April, Carolyn plans to move to Chicago to pursue a career in the windy city’s agency life. When she finds time in her busy schedule, Carolyn enjoys playing board games with her family or watching Dateline (yay true crime!).

Twitter: @CarolynMathis_