• Who’s Our Guest?

    • Anthony Yepez is a 12+ year social media professional based out of New York City who has worked on both the brand and agency side for global companies such as Spartan and most recently Digitas North America. He leverages understanding the goals and values of what a brand offers its target consumers, and develops that into social media content to help raise their awareness, grow their following, and drive measurable business-related goals. Anthony excels best in a fast-paced environment where teamwork and collaboration are at the forefront. You can find him on Twitter discussing all things social media, from the importance of the role to common blockers SMMs face to providing insights and advice on strategy, career growth, and networking.
  • What You’ll Learn in this Episode

    • Anthony lets listeners in on his experience in social media marketing. He discusses his passion for social media, how he has seen it grow and cultivate meaning, and where he sees the future of it. Anthony is a top fan of TikTok and Twitter, and he shares why those platforms are different from the rest. In addition to talking about his experience in social media marketing, Anthony gives advice for those interested in his field and how PR can learn from social media. 
    • In addition to talking with Anthony, GVPRSSA’s VP of Professional Development Kady Volmering joins us as the next guest for Meet the EBoard! She discusses her experience in PR, how the pandemic has affected her position, and her passion for GVPRSSA.
  • Plugs & Resources 

    • Anthony Yepez
    • Kady Volmering, GVPRSSA’s VP of Professional Development
    • Emma Nelson, GVPRSSA’s Podcast Director

The Participants: