• Who’s Our Guest?

    • Ed Zitron is the founder of EZPR, a national media relations firm focusing on consumer tech startups. He has been published by Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Eurogamer, PC Gamer, and PC Zone. He’s written two books – This is How You Pitch, an early PR person’s guide to PR, and Fire Your Publicist, a DIY guide to PR for just about anyone. His firm, EZPR, does industry-leading media relations for tech companies, startups, app developers, and more.
  • What You’ll Learn in this Episode

    • Ed Zitron is a media relations specialist and joined us in this episode to share all of his knowledge regarding media and connections. From strategy to journalism, Ed highlights how to effectively cultivate relationships with journalists. His career has blossomed from new PR pro to CEO. Considering his path, Ed has a multitude of knowledge to share about how to stick out and create effective connections. 
    • In addition to talking with Ed, GVPRSSA’s Social Media Director Sam Nuno joins us as the next guest for Meet the EBoard! She discusses the ins and outs of what being the social media director entails and what she values most within the GVSU Ad/PR program. 
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