As the end of the semester quickly approaches and the much needed holiday break is upon us, it is important to continue to keep your mind engaged. Of course, remember that rest and relaxation are necessary for productivity and mental health, but these five simple activities can help you stay engaged and educated.

Listen to Podcasts: Here are some hot ones!

PR Hangover:  DUH! This isn’t new for us GVPRSSA members but for anyone else who is wondering this is a bi-weekly advertising and public relations podcast that features some of West Michigan’s most knowledgeable professionals. It informs students and professionals of tips, tricks, and trends that they otherwise might not have thought of.

The Daily: This podcast is created by The New York Times and reports on top news and stories told by the best journalists in the world. It is hosted by Micheal Barbaro and ranges from 25-45 minutes in length. This is a great way to start your day with quick news.

Boss So Hard: In this podcast, host, and businesswoman Marty McDonald interviews boss women that have broken glass ceilings and created brands or solutions that stick. You will receive advice and learn about actionable strategies that you can put into place no matter where you are in your career. This podcast airs Monday mornings as a dose of “kickass juice”. 

Getting Curious: A weekly podcast that explores all things Jonathan Van Ness (Queer Eye) is curious about. Topics range from gender/identity, politics, how to better our lives, and how to be a better cat parent. This podcast is entertaining and comical but also a great way to learn about topics that are not talked about often.  

Read: It can be anything from books to magazines to online articles. Stay educated! 

GVPRSSA offers a great list of resources to stay educated about current topics. Reading fiction books or other books for fun is also a great way to use your mind for the better and not just scroll and “read” on your phone.

Get certified: As graduation approaches for many, adding a certification to your resume can help you stand out.

Hubspot: Hubspot offers software for inbound marketing, sales, customer service, and CRM to businesses. It is important to familiarize yourself with this software because it can help you create quality content and make sure the right people are viewing it.

Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a web analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic. Although Google Analytics does have a fee for certification, reach out to professors and other professionals to see if your school or program or work can provide you with this. Check out this other blog that explains the certification process and gives free resources.

Exercise: In the winter months, options are limited but now more than ever, there are many workout videos and options available. Here are some great at-home workouts to try!

Chloe Ting workouts: These workouts are free and include challenges from 2 weeks to a month and target all areas of the body. I have done the 2-week shred challenge and I highly recommend it!

Fat shredder HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training): This is a great way to get your heart rate up and can be done anywhere.

Yoga with Adriene on YouTube: Yoga with Adriene is great. She offers full-body flows, flexibility routines, and weight loss yoga. Her videos range from 15-45 minutes and are a great way to relax and make time for yourself.

The Fitness Marshall on YouTube: Thank you Avery Jones for showing me this one! The Fitness Marshall hosts dance workout videos to upbeat and current music and is really fun to do in groups and to get your body moving. 

Do something creative. 

Try a new hobby or perfect an old one. Creative activities include but are not limited to drawing, painting, writing, graphic design, playing an instrument, or finding new music.

Over this upcoming break make sure you stay safe and take the much needed time off. But once you have had enough family drama and binge-watching Netflix, try these options out!

About the Author:

Bethanie is a senior at Grand Valley State University studying Marketing with a minor in Advertising/Public Relations. She is currently the VP of Chapter Development for GVPRSSA and an account associate with GrandPR. She is actively looking for internships while working part time at Pure Barre. Bethanie loves to hang out with friends and be outdoors in her free time.

Twitter: @bethaniemcgraw