With the increase of remote work, I am finding myself having to project manage virtually now more than ever. There are plenty of online and offline tools to project manage effectively, but in this blog, I have decided to highlight three platforms that have served me well in my internship, work, and extracurricular environments. Let’s get started.

1: Trello 

Trello is a free project management tool that I have been using for a few years now. What’s great about Trello, is you can organize tasks easily, navigate between multiple boards, and have direct control over who is assigned to each task. Here’s an example of a Trello card. A Trello card is essentially a “task” of which you can customize to your needs. As you can see, you can assign members, attach documents, mention members (they will receive a notification), create checklists, and more! Google Drive integration is also available.

Each task is organized into a “list” which makes up a “board”. As you can see, this image shows lists: “Things To Do – General, Tasks – In Progress, and Done” with cards organized under each list. This makes up the “Trello Board”.

2: Basecamp

Basecamp is another project management tool I use all the time. A few things that I love about Basecamp are to-do lists, assigning tasks, simple interface, and the ability to mention people. As shown in the images above, we use Basecamp in GrandPR to keep track of tasks! Personally, I enjoy the ‘project updates’ section which allows me to see who has been working on tasks. This tool’s Google Drive integration is especially useful. Opening and sharing documents has never been easier with a project management tool. With how popular Google Drive is among project managers, this feature is huge. Basecamp also allows email notifications to be sent after a person is assigned a task, or you may manually select who to notify if you insert a document or note on a task. This allows for smooth communication throughout the whole project, with appropriate people being notified.

3: Asana

Asana is another free project management tool that is exceptional. Its design is similar to Trello, but Asana has a few different features. Asana has a tab where ‘my tasks’ are located. This is one area you can go to find ALL of the tasks from each project you are a part of. This is especially useful if you are a part of multiple projects, and need to reduce clutter. 

It’s important to note that while these project management platforms are great, it is equally important to have leadership behind these initiatives. Anybody can use a platform, but it is important to integrate the culture behind it as well. 


Although these 3 tools are amazing, they’re not for everybody. Making weekly to-do lists, keeping a planner, or organizing your thoughts on sticky notes are helpful methods to project management. With these strategies, you can stay on top of daily tasks and projects.

Let’s become better project managers!

About the author:

Carson Kunnen is a senior studying advertising and public relations with a minor in digital studies. Currently, Carson is serving as the programming director for GrandPR, working as the Team Lead at the Technology Showcase, and interning as a Media Communications Assistant for his church.  Carson enjoys coffee, creating community, and coin collecting. His passions are project management, social media, graphic design, and blogging.