•  Who’s Our Guest?
    • Kelsi Horn is an entrepreneur, pageant queen and change agent. She is a skilled event planner and public relations professional. Kelsi has worked with a variety of clients including top names in entertainment, business and politics. She is passionate about bringing ideas to life and being a part of helping others reach success.
  • What You’ll Learn in this Episode
    • Kelsi tells us all about event planning and how she came to find her career path. Event planning in a pandemic is no easy task, so Kelsi walks us through her new process and how this time has sparked some creativity. She gives great advice for students on how to get involved, how important networking is, and dreaming big. In addition to working at her own event planning business, Kelsi is an Account Executive at Truscott Rossman and often finds herself involved in activism. To learn more about Kelsi and what she’s passionate about, listen to her podcast: Pretty Political Podcast!
    • In addition to talking all about event planning with Kelsi, GrandPR’s CEO Lindsay Corwin joins us as the next guest for Meet the EBoard! Lindsay talks about her experience working within GrandPR, her favorite memories from the Ad/PR program, and other insightful information for students. Interested in joining GrandPR? Head over to grand-pr.org!
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