•  Who’s Our Guest?
    • Hi! I’m Jennifer Meyer, I’m 25 years old, live in Chicago, and work in digital media. I’m a Michigan State Alumni with a bachelor’s in communication and I’m passionate about creating meaningful relationships between brands and humans through communication, creative thinking, and critical reasoning. 
  • What You’ll Learn in this Episode
    • Michigan State University graduate Jennifer Meyer chats with us on this week’s episode to talk about programmatic strategy. Since working at Havas in Chicago since 2018, Jennifer gives us the rundown of what programmatic strategy is and how social media has shaped her role in advertising. Not only does she give us insight on her career, but she also discusses her passion for creating, how she’s managing working from home, and what professional life is like in a big city. 
    • In addition to chatting with Jennifer, GrandPR’s Firm Editor Hannah Grant joins us as the next guest for Meet the EBoard! Hannah gives some great advice for Ad/PR students and shares the ins and outs of what being the firm editor is all about. Interested in learning more about her position and interested in taking over for her next semester? Send her an email!
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