Nothing tells you more about something than what it can accomplish during times of struggle. The global pandemic has obviously been one of these hurdles that have shown who and what can rise up to the challenge. Public relations is one of those who have paved the way during this “unprecedented “ time. I’m not going to lie, I focus a lot of my time on trivial things (baking shows, Halloween decorating, listening to Taylor Swift on repeat). Through this time, understanding and following public relations has allowed me to have a better relationship and following with the things that I loved. It wasn’t until recently that I really saw the importance of the PR industry and what I’m going to be pursuing. If anyone has had it semi-together during this pandemic, it’s been the PR pros. 

With no shortage of confusion, disaster, or last-minute hiccups, the PR profession has opened my eyes to its adventure and ever-changing field of work. Must I emphasize: I understand that PR has always been up and down with consistent hard work. However, my own personal view of PR has softened in the last 6 months and I find myself more excited than ever to get a career started. So, let’s get into it!

From the lack of school communication to its students’ parents or literal PR nightmares (entire communication to the public about health safety), there is no shortage of how PR can struggle. Instead of wallowing through the losses of this season, I find value in all the positives we as PR professionals have achieved. Throughout my experiences as GV PRSSA’s Podcast Director, I’ve been able to interview multiple PR pros who have risen to the occasion of today. There are account executives who put in the extra hours, journalists who are using downtime to find more relevant and important stories, and my own peers that lend a helping hand to anyone and will attend every Zoom meeting if it means helping another student. 

I see the PR industry in an entire different light post Covid-19. I hadn’t seen it through such a passionate lens before. From a combination of interviewing PR pros about their transition into pandemic PR or seeing stories through Linkedin, I’ve developed a new love and appreciation for public relations. It’s so much more than what I thought and now I see it as such. It’s connections and triumph and trying again and frustration. PR connects us to the world around us, to see what’s happening and cultivating us as we do. With all that the pandemic has stolen from us, it’s nice that the love for my chosen career path has grown into something I wasn’t expecting.

Emma is a junior studying Advertising/Public Relations and Writing. She is currently serving on the PRSSA executive board as Podcast Director. This year is her first year involved with PRSSA and GrandPR where she will serve as an account associate. Obsessed with pop culture, Emma hopes to work in Entertainment PR. In her free time, Emma enjoys watching movies, listening to music, and spending time with her dogs, Lola & Clementine.

Twitter: @emmanelson34