By: Ella Rechner

Ever since I can remember, leadership genuinely intimidated me. It was a fear of not being good enough to fit the position, fill the shoes of the person preceding me, and living up to the expectations of my superior. However, the one thing that drives people towards these roles is the understanding that it (as expected) will be a mutually beneficial position to hold. Leadership positions allow students to get involved with their community and spark opinions and change in organizations they feel passionate about. 

So, the question is, ‘why should I assume a leadership position?’ Well, from my experience as the VP of Programming for GVSU PRSSA, this is what I have found extremely valuable about this leadership position. 


You learn what you can’t in the classroom 

This is by far one of the most interesting things about joining an organization. In hopes to gain more in-depth knowledge about my passions, I have found that you pick up on multiple tips and tricks about niche situations. ‘You learn what you can’t in the classroom.’ For example, through PRSSA we were able to speak first hand with a professional who handled the Nestle Water Crisis – that was interesting! 


You make a lot more friends

You do end up with a lot more people as friends. When working in a leadership position, you have people who look up to you for direction and support. The ability to assist other students in areas where they may not be as strong makes your skills very valuable and polished. This will help when you are entering different situations with various communication skills. 


NETWORKING – Connections 

Ah yes, my favorite buzz word. But, really. Yes! Networking is potentially one of the most valuable perks of being in a leadership position! Because you are in charge of the internal operations or the ‘behind the scenes’ you are able to be invited to make certain decisions that involve various professionals. 


A special leg up 

Although not all leadership roles are not appointed, they are still valuable. Even as a member of an organization you can gain extra insight on various topics that you wouldn’t get access to otherwise. You also get to practice communicating with professionals, working with various industry official documents, and understanding what it is like to lead a group of hardworking students or members.


As a student from GVSU, I can confirm that their collection of organizations that have various leadership roles that are very valuable to furthering your commitment to your education. Specifically, PRSSA is one of the best representations of leadership. The involvement with the community, partnerships with various professionals, and fantastic advisory, PRSSA stands out. Most importantly, leadership roles allow you to learn through the way of doing. This prepares you well for the real world! 


Ella Rechner is a junior in the Advertising and Public Relations program with an emphasis in Advertising and a minor in Writing.  She is the VP of Programming for GVSU PRSSA, an Account Associate at GrandPR, and for NSAC. In her free time, Ella enjoy practicing graphic design and journaling. If you’re looking for Ella you can find her staying in on a Saturday night and hanging out with her dogs.