By: Lindsay Corwin (@CorwinLindsay)

Public Service Announcements, podcasts, press releases, interviews, blogs, memos, and more; these are all tactics used in modern public relations practices. While these tactics have not stood the test of time yet, they are becoming commonly used ways to enhance public relations. New tactics are popping up often, as well as fading out of popularity all the time. QR scanning codes, micro-influencer partnerships, and search engine optimization are some of the tactics that are newer to the field. 

The old, and the faithful

There are obviously ole’ reliable PR tactics that PR pros know and love. Some are used much more often than others, making them fall on the verge of a severe burnout. According to AXIA PR, a few of the most overused PR tactics are some that have been reliable to professionals in the PR field for many years, although they are getting tired and worn out.

I am sure PR pros could name numerous tactics, but a few to start include: 

  • Press Conferences
  • Old-School Style Media Kits
  • Online Overloading

Press Conferences

The use of press conferences was heavily relied upon before social media took the reigns in the PR industry. According to Agility Public Relations Solutions, reporters don’t feel the need to come to the classic press conference anymore, unless it’s crucial. In current times, social media generally breaks a developing news story before you can pick up your phone to call a journalist. 

Old-School Style Media Kits

In the past, media kits looked a lot like the standard school folder. It was a literal folder, with paper documents that included all the materials necessary for a client to successfully optimize the media. Of course, we still need media kits because we still need items like a media contact list and a press release. However, our format for media kits has upgraded. Media kits have morphed into almost entirely a new format in recent years as the old composition for them had a tendency to be uncreative. Going digital by using a USB drive has been the next step for many in the field, although some still use paper products for a personalized touch. The main aspect of changing the media kit setup is primarily the fact that it is no longer a simple folder, but a creative way to express information. 

Online Overloading

Online overloading is the practice that many companies use to cut corners, save time or money, and have a strong online presence, even if it jeopardizes the content. Avoiding print materials or design costs is becoming a common practice in the industry, although it is also quickly becoming an overused tactic. Social media is not always the best option in terms of tactics, even though that’s what the modern world makes us want to believe. Ensuring that only what needs to go online goes into the world wide web is an important aspect to keep an uncluttered, positive reputation in the industry. 

PR tactics can influence your reach as a professional in the field strongly, therefore ensuring that you are using the best possible practices is crucial. Learning about tactics that work, and some that may not is important to flourishing in this ever-changing industry.


Lindsay is a sophomore studying Advertising & Public Relations, with a minor in Writing. This is her second year involved with PRSSA, and her first year involved with the student-run PR firm, GrandPR, as an Account Associate. Someday Lindsay hopes to become a project manager or internal communications director in the PR industry. In her free time, Lindsay likes to bake, write, and try the coffee shops in Grand Rapids.