By: Avery Jones (@AveryKJones)

Finding an internship can be an overwhelming and tedious process, let alone finding one that actually pertains to your specific interests.  Despite the time-consuming process, the results are worth the effort. In light of my own personal experiences, I have compiled a list of super helpful tips to consider while on your journey to finding the perfect internship!


Make a list of your interests

Although you’ll most likely work in many different environments in the future, it’s important to consider your interests. If you’re a public relations student, are you interested in non-profit work? Music and entertainment? Working in the communications field? Creating a flexible list of your interests within your career path will likely make the process less overwhelming and enjoyable.


Sooner rather than later

It’s important to begin your search for an internship at least a few months in advance. I’d suggest applying at least two months in advance. For example, if you’re looking for a fall semester internship, start applying in July or August. Some businesses/organizations have strict deadlines, so it’s important you start applying as soon as possible. 


Apply for multiple internships

Internships can be competitive. If you only apply for a few, there’s a good chance you won’t get one. It’s smart to apply for at least eight or ten. Then, if you happen to receive more than one offer, you have the power to choose.


Search online

Using websites like Handshake and Glassdoor to search for potential internship opportunities is helpful and so easy. These websites allow you to enter your field of study, skills, interests, and experience and find results accordingly. 


Prospect for internships

Another way to find the perfect internship is to practice prospecting. Visiting businesses/organizations you’re interested in working for and simply asking if they hire interns or have any open positions is a great way to find an internship. Even if they don’t have anything to offer at the moment, it’s a good way to display your interest in the organization and create credibility for yourself. 



Speak with family, friends, college advisors, faculty members, and university alumni about internship opportunities. In the first few weeks of class, it’s necessary to build relationships with your professors. Introduce yourself and actively demonstrate your interest in any available opportunities. Networking is a crucial practice. Maintaining relationships with people who are currently doing the type of work you want to do opens doors to endless opportunities.


Avery is a senior studying Advertising & Public Relations with a minor in Spanish. This is her second year involved in PRSSA. Avery plans to one day pursue a career in either corporate or music/entertainment PR. In her free time, she enjoys playing lacrosse for the Grand Valley Women’s Club team and going to concerts.