By: Melissa Albano (@melissaalbano29)

As the world of PR is constantly changing, it often leaves the pros wondering what’s next. Ringing in the new year will be no different. Although we may not be able to predict it all, there are some trends that all PR pros should keep an eye on in 2020. 



1. The power of the ‘Like’


It comes to no surprise that social influencers have made their mark on PR in the past.

However, there have been conversations around if their influence is worth all their earnings. Whatever your stance may be, PR pros can not ignore how the power of influencers may be slowly deteriorating in 2020 due to the power of the like. In 2019 Instagram stated that they would be slowly getting rid of ‘likes’ on pictures; and for an influencer, this could mean a loss in business.  

When PR pros look to find social influencers for clients or their brand one of the many components they look at is how many likes and interactions they get on their pictures. Besides the content of an influencer, how many likes an influencer can get on a picture are the most important factor and the main form of measurement. Without the likes, PR pros are left wondering ‘who is the right person with the right reach to promote my brand?’ 



2. Creating an Online Conversation 


With social media still on the mind, it is important PR pros are careful with what type of content they are pushing out in 2020. Audiences are now looking for content they can interact with. From polls and quizzes to online events and shoppable posts, this is how you will keep your advances engaged with your brand. PR Daily states that 90% of your buyers are begging for a year filler on interactive content.  



3. Listicles. Always Listicles. 


Life is short and your readings should be too. Que listicles, an article of shorts presented in a list form. 

With the fast pace life of 2020, audiences can not spend time reading long articles. They want content that is sweet and to the point. Listicles allow for just that. When reading, most consumers just scan articles for the main points and when they are not getting what they want, they move on to the next. Forbes states that they see listicles taking the  PR world by storm as it gives the audience just what they want. 

Looking forward, they recommend starting drafting and pitching listicles for clients throughout 2020 because they are effective if written in the correct manner. 


So what do you think? Is your PR vision clearing up for 2020? I think it is. 



Melissa Albano is a senior at Grand Valley State University studying advertising and public relations with a minor Mandarin. This is her fourth semester as part of the GrandPR/PRSSA  family and she is more than excited to be serving as the Vice President of Operations for GrandPR. Along with being involved with GrandPR/PRSSA, Melissa participates in being New Member Educator in her sorority, Gamma Phi Beta. She is also the current PR and Marketing intern at Grand Rapids Community Foundation. Whenever Melissa catches a quiet moment you can find her hanging with friends, doing some yoga, or exploring more of the beautiful Great Lake State. A fun fact about Melissa is that she lived in Shanghai, China for three years when she was younger.