By: Emily Gagnon (@_emgagnon)

It’s no surprise that we are more familiar with business-to-consumer campaigns. We are always on the receiving end of them when we are on the roads, listening to the radio, at a sporting event, and especially when we’re scrolling through social media. We constantly see creative new ways companies are connecting with their consumers, but can you recall the last business-to-business campaign you saw? 

We don’t notice many B2B campaigns, especially as students who haven’t entered the workforce yet. But they’re among us and they’re brilliant. Here are five B2B campaigns that are sure to catch your attention and the strategies they used to ensure success. 

1. Show, Don’t Tell

Advertiser: Google

Brand: Google Cloud

Agency: Eleven San Francisco

Google Cloud is competing for market share against other technology services like IBM and Microsoft among Fortune 500 companies in the US. They found that their target audience does not want to be marketed to, they want to be entertained. Google decided to show their publics the power of their cloud service analytics by playing real-time commercials before and during an NCAA basketball tournament. The campaign successfully increased their unaided brand awareness, boosted their Google Cloud searches by 42%


2. Go Niche

Advertiser: Adobe

Brand: Adobe Marketing Cloud

Agency: Goodby Silverstein and Partners

Humor, suspense and action grasped viewers’ attention in Adobe Marketing Cloud’s unrealistic, yet relatable, advertisements. At the end of each commercial they asked their audience, “Do you know what your marketing is doing?” Marketing to marketers is no easy feat, but Adobe’s provoking campaign paid off with hundreds of press releases and a 15% increase of awareness. Here is one of the scenarios they shared. 


3. Be Charming

Advertiser: MailChimp

Brand: MailChimp

Agency: Droga5

In addition to targeting specific audience segments, MailChimp found unique ways to

charm their viewers. From movie goers to beauty specialists, musicians and foodies, MailChimp created nine intriguing products that each sounded similar to “MailChimp.” This crazy campaign emulated MailChimp’s company culture and sparked curiosity across the country, which catapulted their website conversions and improved their brand perception. Watch the video below to see how MailChimp championed their publics’ attention. 


4. Generate Buzz by Giving

Advertiser: Intuit Small Business Software Company

Brand: Intuit

Agency: RPA

Intuit is an accounting software firm that captured the attention of small businesses and improved customer relations by hosting a competition where the winner was awarded a fully-funded Super Bowl commercial. The 15,000 participating small businesses were given tools to generate votes, promoting their brand and Intuit’s. The campaign was wildly successful, surpassing every goal for themselves and their top four finalists. Watch the winning advertisement for Goldieblox, whose exposure lead them to signing a deal with Target and opening a second factory. 


Intuit Commercial:


5. Talk Plainly

Advertiser: Fleetmatics Group PLC

Brand: Fleetmatics

Agency: FCB Chicago

In an industry inundated with jargon and ambiguous language, Fleetmatics went back to the basics by talking to their customers in a humorous and heartwarming way. Fleetmatics provides a GPS vehicle tracking software system and they targeted small businesses with a series of informative videos and pre-roll advertisements that were featured on websites with high-levels of small business traffic. The campaign improved their brand awareness and doubled their goal by increasing their sales by 20%. Watch the video below to see how Fleetmatics’ truck whisperer sweet talked their way to success. 



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Emily is energized by collaborating with others and she is eager to dive into analytics. She is working towards her Bachelor’s degree in advertising and public relations and studying a minor in digital studies at Grand Valley State University (GVSU). Emily is the Chief Executive Officer of GVSU’s student-run public relations firm, GrandPR and her favorite part about public relations is discovering audience trends. Connect with Emily (@_emgagnon) on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, or email her at