By: Rachel Cramer (@rachel58388448)

Fashion & Beauty PR

Are seasonal deals, new holiday clothing lines, e-newsletters on cosmetic gift sets, and other fashion & beauty specials blowing up your smartphone?

Yep, the holidays are officially here. On top of that, it’s the most wonderful time of the year for PR in Fashion & Beauty. With the holidays around the corner, it has become the ideal time for businesses to campaign all their seasonal winter specials. 

If you follow any Beauty & Fashion stores like Ulta you may have taken notice of how they use these holiday customs and traditions to promote their products. Being subscribed to Ulta’s magazine myself, I know that it’s officially Christmas when I see a magazine in the mail full of the latest cosmetic gifts and sets. Ulta’s PR team has designed these magazines towards women all around the world that will bookmark the pages displaying sparkly snowflake eyeshadow, and peppermint-flavored lip balm sets to stuff stockings with. But magazines aren’t the only platform that beauty and fashion teams use on the market. 

Collaboration and Campaigns

Beauty and Fashion stores have made campaigns part of our holiday traditions and it has given their PR teams another platform to count on. But holiday specials are only one of many platforms that we see Fashion & Beauty PR making an impact through. Beauty & Fashion PR possesses one of the widest market ranges to collaborate on. We see this PR in fashion shows, social media influencers, news channels, video ads, photoshoots, cosmetic collaborations, specialized wardrobes worn by actors and musicians, and commercials. 

Businesses in the beauty and fashion market have mastered these PR campaigns. One of these campaigns, that all fashion and beauty fans alike have probably already heard of, is Marc Jacob’s Daisy perfume campaign. The company’s popular Daisy and Daisy Dream fragrances captured the attention of the fashion and beauty world in April 2017. 

Instagram influencers and models became the face of Marc Jacob’s new collection that was launched in celebration of their ten year anniversary. Having social media influencers and models such as Kaia Gerber and Dilia Martins post frequent pictures and videos showcasing the fragrance not only spread the campaign amongst several media platforms reaching millions of followers, but it also caused these influencers to become the face of the campaign, gaining followers trust in the brand. The raw content drawn from these influencers created a recognizable aesthetic for Marc Jacobs that is still portrayed through the brands’ commercials and ads today.

Telling a Story 

Being that the fashion and beauty market itself is based around core values of creativity, uniqueness, and expression through art and design. A lot of creativity and work goes into creating scenes, story writing, outfits, event planning, customer personas, and CMR (customer relations management) for the PR of it all. Fashion PR teams aren’t just throwing clothes on a model and putting them in a photoshoot. There is a story being told behind every advertisement, and PR campaign. To quote Michael Merk, corporate communications leader at Kmotion Design, “Knowing the context of your client’s business is the first step in helping your client.”

Nike Sportswear has been known to creatively incorporate stories within their commercials and video ads. These stories are ones that consumers in their market can relate to. This past year Nike released its “Dream Crazier” campaign stating that “2019 will be the year for women.” 

The campaign sheds light on women being stereotyped based on what they are capable of. Through creative storytelling, and motivational speech Nike inspired women with a clever play on words stating: “It’s only crazy until you do it.” 

Following the statement with their brand’s slogan: “Just Do It.” By empowering women athletes and supporting the movement of women’s fitness in this campaign Nike advertised several new lines of women’s sportswear. Connecting with your market, like Nike has, shows the audience that your brand has what they need to solve their problem. Nike’s “Dream Crazier” campaign portrayed exactly what the majority of their market values, and that’s why we see so much success in their public relations.


Most wonderful time of the year for Beauty & Fashion PR

As a student in the advertising & PR program at GVSU, I encourage you to look at the PR tactics behind these campaigns and advertisements the next time you come across an influencer promoting beauty or fashion products. Flip through seasonal deals in a fashion magazine, scroll through an ad for a cosmetic gift set, or receive eight e-newsletters about a new fashion line that’s been launched.

 A lot more is going into making PR work for the beauty and fashion industry than what we see as the end result. It’s important to realize the role it plays in the industry especially around this time of year, the most wonderful time of the year for fashion and beauty PR.


Rachel is a Sophomore studying Advertising and Public Relations. This is her first year involved in PRSSA, and her career goal is to work as a manager in public relations. In her free time, Rachel likes to sketch, free write, and go to the gym.