By: Marjory Clay

The entertainment industry today encompasses everything from movies to television to radio and is a key aspect of American culture, as well as many other cultures worldwide. As of 2015, the global entertainment industry was worth a whopping 1.72 trillion U.S dollars, and it is only continuing to grow (U.S. Entertainment, 2019). The success of this trillion-dollar industry is a result of many factors, however, the relationships celebrities and producers have with the public is a critical component. Not only is this crucial to the success of their most recent film or album, but it is essential in creating an overall brand image for themselves. Since celebrities and producers are generally not trained on how to properly communicate with the public sector, they often hire people who specialize in doing so –this is where a specialist in Entertainment PR comes in.

What is Entertainment PR?

While the idea of working in the entertainment industry might sound glitzy and glamorous, it is not always this way, and especially not for someone concerned with Public Relations. Entertainment PR is the sector of Public Relations that focuses on the relationships between producers, celebrities and the public. Someone who works in this area of Public Relations is responsible for tasks such as writing press releases, composing blog posts and planning events for a very unique breed of individuals. 

Why is it Important?

While having excellent Public Relations is essential in every industry, it is of even more importance in the entertainment industry. Millions of dollars are spent to produce a blockbuster movie or a pop star’s latest album, so effective promotion to the public is crucial to its success. Good public relations can make or break a new release, as it is the essential link between the limelight and the public eye. Similarly, entertainment PR is important because it determines credibility on an upcoming release, or of an individual whom it’s staring. When working with clients who are always in the spotlight, one has to be highly careful they communicate to the public in a way that is reflective of their client’s goals and vision. Similarly, someone in Entertainment PR must resolve any crises that arise quickly and efficiently, to avoid a larger PR crisis from developing

Skills Required to Work in Entertainment PR?

When someone is always in the public eye, every small mistake is documented and has the potential to destroy their reputation. Because of this, someone who is interested in pursuing a career in Entertainment PR must have exceptionally strong attention to detail. Likewise, they must overall have strong communication skills and feel comfortable communicating with all types of difficult individuals. They also must be able to work under pressure and be highly confident in themselves and in their ability to communicate to the public. 


Marjory is a senior studying Communications, with a minor in Advertising & Public Relations. This is her first year as a member of PRSSA but she is very excited to be a part of the organization in her last semester of undergrad. After graduation, Marjory plans to move to Colorado and work in Public Relations or Communications and eventually receive a masters in Advertising. In her free time, she enjoys attending concerts, creating art, and traveling.