By: Allyssa Murphy (@allyssa_murphy)

Top Five Favorite Things from PRSSAIC:

This year the Public Relations Student Society of America’s International Conference was held in San Diego, California. GVSU PRSSA was lucky enough to send twelve of its members to the Golden State. There was plenty of lounging by the pool, eating sushi, and adventuring out into the city. However, the best part of the trip was, of course, learning from professionals all over the world. 

I’m excited to share with you our Top Five Favorite Things from this year’s international conference, coming from members who actually attended.

  1. “Attending PRSSAIC and being able to reconnect with leaders and students from other chapters around the world was one of my favorite parts of attending the conference,” said Delaney MacKenzie, President of GVPRSSA. “Sharing best practices and tips to implement within our chapters was a valuable experience.”
  2. “Being in the same location as the PRSA international conference made it easier to connect with professionals already working in the industry from all over the world. It was a great addition to this year’s conference,” said Emily Gagnon, CEO of GrandPR.
  3. “Attending conference reassured me to go out and be the best PR pro that I could be,” said Shelby Cassel, Account Executive of GrandPR. “I really enjoyed spending time with other members of GVPRSSA and getting to know them on a more personal level, too. I believe the friendships I’ve made while on this trip will help me in my future in the PR and advertising world.”
  4. “I really loved connecting with other chapters, but especially the chapters from Michigan. I would love to build stronger relationships and work with other Michigan chapters for agency tours and other professional development opportunities,” said Sofia Anderson, VP of Professional Development of GVPRSSA. “One of the bigger themes that I picked up on while attending the PRSSAIC was that people are the most important part of our industry. Everything we do should be for the public that we’re serving.”
  5. Lastly, I’ll share with you my personal takeaway from this conference. Inspiration strikes anytime and anywhere. One of my favorite parts of this conference was sitting with my fellow PRSSA and GrandPR colleagues after one of the sessions, and we brainstormed a whole campaign to help recruit more members. Being able to openly talk about our ideas with each other based on what we learned from other chapters was a great experience.

As you can see, there’s a common theme from all of our “favorites” and that’s connection. We connected with members from all over the world. We connected with professionals from every industry. And we connected with students from our very own chapter.

My advice to the person who is reading this is DO IT. Get involved. Start saving now. Attend all the conferences, assemblies, and professional development opportunities that you can. The things you learn and the friendships you make will be absolutely worth it.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend next year’s conference because I’ll be graduating, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go! The next conference will be held in October of 2020 in Nashville, Tennessee. The information can be found on this website, once it is updated. 

If you ever have any questions about attending conferences reach out to your e-board! I’d also be happy to talk with you at Start saving now, I promise it’s worth it!


Allyssa Murphy is a senior studying advertising and public relations at Grand Valley State University, and she is currently an Account Executive for GrandPR and GVSU PRSSA member. She has a passion for nonprofit communication and relations, and she has experience with media arts. She enjoys watching movies, attending game nights with friends, and reading thrillers & mysteries (and occasionally a sappy love story) in her spare time.