By: Rachel Cramer (@rachel58388448)

One of the most important marketing resources available to a restaurant is public relations. Good PR not only publicizes a restaurant but sells the restaurant to their targeted audience. Good PR ultimately allows the public to see a restaurant as reliable, especially if the restaurant is advertising to the right audience, and through a trustworthy platform.

What does Restaurant PR look like? 

Although restaurant public relations is seen mostly in social media and media relations, there are many other ways to reach a targeted audience. For example, at Eataly an Italian marketplace that features an array of Italian counters, cafes, and restaurants their PR is stretched out among more than media relations. Eataly also advertises through paid media, in real life marketing, influencer management, community relations, and owned marketing. Many restaurants like Eataly do the same in taking advantage of multiple platforms for their public relations. 

What restaurants are practicing good PR? 

Buffalo Wild Wings is a great example of a restaurant’s own PR. Buffalo Wild Wings has recently launched a new campaign, “RAISE A MUG FOR THE CAUSE”, supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month by selling tumbler coffee mugs with the logo “Save Breasts, Eat Wings” on them at each Buffalo Wild Wings location for $10. Along with this campaign the restaurant is also releasing a new fall menu. Buffalo Wild Wings campaign is a great example of good restaurant PR. By standing for a cause like breast cancer, Buffalo Wild Wings attracts customers who have the same values, views, and beliefs toward the cause. 

What to Avoid in Restaurant PR

Influencer marketing is a great way to reach a larger audience in restaurant PR, however, there are certain things that a restaurant should double-check and stay away from when reaching out to these influencers. Many influencers online seem to have lots of followers which in turn means a greater audience for your brand, except when you go to look at these influencers’ views or likes there’s not nearly as many as there should be. This is because of influencers today buying fake followers. However, this is avoidable when choosing influencers to promote your brand. IG Audit is a great way to research an account and see the audience its reaching compared to the audience it should be reaching.

Steps to take in Restaurant PR

Some great ways to maintain good restaurant PR are to engage with the restaurant’s customers online by responding to their reviews, sending out newsletters informing customers about special events & deals, and even creating a hashtag for the brand that customers can use when posting pictures of said restaurant’s food or interior on social media. By engaging with consumers and creating platforms where they themselves can engage with the restaurant you allow the restaurant to grow on its own through the customers themselves, thus improving the restaurants’ public relations.


Rachel is a Sophomore at Grand Valley State University, studying Advertising and PR. This is her first year involved in PRSSA. She is also involved in the Ad Club at GVSU. Rachel plans to intern at a local PR agency in her future years at GVSU, and pursue a job in Public Relations after graduation. In her free time, she likes to hike and free-write.