Expectations for the Year

Written by: Allison Canter (@allsncntr), Ella Rechner (@ellarechner), and Sofia Anderson (@sof_anderson).

It’s that time of year again, GVSU is coming back to life, and GVPRSSA is springing back into life with it. 

Allison Canter:

Allison is always blown away by the confidence and maturity that shines through in the blogs that students write for GVPRSSA. She spent most of last year being proud of the blogs that the chapter was producing. This year, she’s excited to have a larger part of it.

Allison feels as though it’s important to revisit certain topics within the PR industry. The different sectors of public relations develop and adapt to the culture in a unique way every year. So, see some favorites revisited again this year, especially in order to align with the amazing professionals that Ella has invited to speak at the meetings.

Additionally, Allison dedicated blogs to assist in painting a colorful picture of the tours that GVPRSSA is able to participate in. She’s most excited for the blog that will be written about the Chicago tour- no pressure or anything.

There are also some new ideas going into this year, such as more of a focus on what it’s like to intern, or what it’s like to be a first-year GV Advertising & Public Relations student.

This year, Allison really wants to encourage the members of GVPRSSA to be creative in their writing, and to push ideas. If there’s a topic that’s not listed, that someone is dying to write about, she wants to include their ideas. Allison is a sucker for collaboration, and can’t wait to see what ideas new and returning members will bring with them this year.

Additionally, she’s been working closely with WMPRSA, GVPRSSA’s parent chapter, to assure some amazing networking opportunities for not only GVPRSSA members, but other college students as well.

She knows it’s going to be a great year full of big ambitions!

Ella Rechner:

Ella and faculty advisor, Adrienne Wallace speakers handpicked the speakers to ensure that each meeting is as informational yet entertaining as possible. More so, she is very excited to say that members of GVPRSSA get to hear from a variety of people on various topics and concerns, such as crisis communications, Entertainment PR, internal communications, and many more. These professionals selected are great to build members of the chapter’s network and gain more hands-on experience, and insight into the “real” PR world. 

Ella is pleased to say that this year she is confident that there will be pizza and a lot of time to get a feel for the productive atmosphere that PRSSA provides to its students.

Sofia Anderson:

Sofia could not be more excited about this year’s agency tours! Members can expect a mix of agency and in-house tours that will represent a wide variety of industries. Sofia is especially excited for the November tours that will take us up north to Glen Arbor to visit Cherry Republic’s headquarters and to the Leelanau Peninsula for a tour of the Leelanau Wine Cellars. This year’s tours are also aimed at building relationships with fellow PRSSA chapters in the region as well as other Grand Valley professional development organizations. Members should also be excited for winter semester tours especially an overnight trip to Chicago filled with exciting tours and networking experiences. Agency tours are an incredible opportunity for members to get insight into what Public Relations looks like outside the classroom and how it differs between industries. It is also a great opportunity to network with professionals as well as get to know fellow classmates that may become future co-workers and lifelong friends. 

The E-Board members have so much in store for the chapter this year. They’ve been antsy all Summer waiting to share it with the rest of the club. Get ready GVSU PRSSA members, everyone is in for an inspiring, exciting, and educational year full of tours, hands-on experience, amazing speakers, and so much more!