Hello, hello!

My name is Allison Canter and I am the 2019-2020 PRSSA VP of Public Relations. I am entering my junior year in the APR major, alongside a minor in Political Science. Hopefully one day I’ll be in the Oval Office, but for now, I couldn’t be more excited to get a running head start into this school year and all the exciting things we’ll be doing with PRSSA this year. 

In terms of what you can expect from me this year, first and foremost blogs. GVPRSSA puts out a new blog every week. If blogging sounds interesting to you, please get in contact with me via email, or in person at a meeting. Blogging is a fantastic way to get involved with our organization and earn your points to get your cord for graduation. Also, it’s just fun, so please let us inspire you! You can also expect some awesome networking events with our parent chapter WMPRSA. We’re working hard to create something useful for you!

On campus, I’m also involved in GrandPR. It’s my first year on the GrandPR staff, I’m serving as an Account Associate and I am SO excited to get rolling with that. I’m from Wyandotte, MI, which is just south of Detroit. Growing up twenty minutes away from a growing city somehow influenced me to love PR as much as I do. To see a city like Detroit, that used to have such a negative connotation, and see it turn into something fresh-faced, booming, and beautiful was such a wonderful thing to grow up through. I guess in some way that’s kind of how PR works to me. My love for Detroit was really established when I had the opportunity to intern for the Detroit Children’s Choir. I served as their public relations intern, and in doing so got to serve the community within the city. I love Detroit, but couldn’t be happier to call Grand Rapids home. It’s a city that is also growing so beautifully.

When I’m not in PR mode, I’m in barista mode. Coffee is tied with breathing on my list of important things. So, if you’re looking for someone to make your latte, and build your crisis management plan, I’m your girl. In my limited free time, I really enjoy thrifting and writing. I also love being around my friends, especially the new ones that GV and PRSSA have brought to me.

PRSSA is such a wonderful way to get involved with not just the professional world of PR, but the university and students within it. I know from a personal standpoint how intimidating it can feel to be in a room where everyone seems like they already have a best friend and an established role in the club. We’ve all been there.  However, there’s always a place for you here, and we’re excited to have you! Thanks for making PRSSA such an awesome club and an even better experience for all of us. I’m so excited to work with all of you this year!