By Courtney Fogle (@courtnxyfogle)


Brooke Rosier, a 2018 graduate from GVSU’s Advertising & Public Relations program, works in Nutrition Brand Marketing at Amway. In this episode of PR Hangover, Brooke talks about what it’s like to work in-house, the importance of company culture, and design thinking.

The Corporate Path

Often times, students think that working for an agency is the path they’re supposed to take. Non-agency careers are sometimes depicted as less glamorous and creative. However, Brooke realized she’d be able to thrive in a corporate environment, saying it wasn’t what she expected it to be – that it was much better. Working at Amway is fast-paced, with lots of responsibility, and has a highly collaborative atmosphere. It all comes down to the culture of the company to determine whether or not the environment is a good fit.

Why Company Culture?

Brooke says the culture of Amway is one of her favorite aspects of her job, which she discovered when she was interning. Everyone around her is patient and kind, especially when you’re new and eager to learn. Her peers and team members are excited to support one another on a daily basis. She describes Amway as a high performing atmosphere, with employees held to high expectations, and in a highly collaborative environment. They’re expected to go above and beyond for their job but they’re also motivated to go above and beyond.

Design Thinking

One of Brooke’s specialties is design thinking – a process she brought up during her interviews, which ultimately set her apart and helped her land her job. It’s an intriguing process when employers aren’t familiar with it. Design thinking shows that you can creatively think and collaborate to meet an end goal. Brooke describes it as a structured and methodical way of thinking, when you talk through the steps of problem solving to connect a story to the audience.

Brooke’s Career Tips

  • The work culture and atmosphere is so important. Try as many internships as possible so you have experience recognizing the culture. Are you going to work in an environment that makes you thrive or buries you alive?
  • Get involved. Brooke didn’t get involved in extracurricular activities until her junior year at GVSU, but she soon realized that it’s an opportunity to get ahead and is powerful when you’re applying for jobs.
  • Everything you do in the work field will be collaborative team work, so prepare yourself for that now. Extracurriculars help you learn how to work in a group setting.
  • Be a sponge. Find the balance between being really confident with yourself and being really comfortable with not knowing something. Be willing to stop, listen, and take advice.




Courtney Fogle is a senior studying advertising and public relations at Grand Valley State University. She’s an active member of GV PRSSA and hosts their podcast, PR Hangover. In her spare time you can find her prepping for her future career in entertainment PR as the Public Relations Intern at River City Studios.