By: Noelle Hobbs (@noelle_hobbs ‏) 


Have you ever wondered who the person is that talks to the public or the media about a celebrity’s most recent crisis, or their impactful charity work? Chances are, it was a PR professional who specializes in the entertainment business. Entertainment public relations consists of firms who work for celebrities in various fields, including movies, music, fashion and more. If you’re interested in pursuing entertainment PR, check out these careers in the field.


A publicist is the main point of contact with the client who helps determine the messaging and goals that their client seeks to reach. Are they trying to build more name recognition? Do they want people to know about their charity work? No matter what it is, a publicist helps establish the personal brand that the client wants to display. They are responsible for coordinating publicity events and may write press releases, public statements, and even escort clients on red carpets and attend press junkets.

PR Specialist

A PR specialist is the main contact for media outlets. They aim to generate positive press coverage for clients. In this position, it is important to develop strong relationships with journalists and come up with relevant story pitches, just like PR professionals do in any industry. As always, the information should be newsworthy and relevant to that media outlets’ audience. Just because your client may be more high-profile, that doesn’t mean everything they do is newsworthy and worth sharing. PR specialists need to be even more cautious about sharing information to the media when their client is in the entertainment industry because the more information the media and public has on them, the easier it is for rumors and bad press to spread.

Social Media Manager

Although some celebrities have control over their social media presence, others just don’t have enough time to keep up with it, especially when it comes to responding to fans. This burden is taken off the client and is made consistent with that client’s brand through hiring a social media manager. However, since the PR professional is representing a person, they need to make sure that they are using the client’s voice and it is maintained throughout all of their platforms.

From battling bad press and rumors to highlighting achievements, entertainment PR helps to build a solid personal brand for clients. If any of these positions are interesting to you, entertainment PR might be for you! Try looking for internships for new up-and-coming artists, models, and actors to build your portfolio to eventually work for autograph-worthy celebrities.




Noelle Hobbs is a senior from Macomb, MI majoring in Advertising and Public Relations with a double minor in Writing and Digital Studies. She is Firm Editor of GrandPR, member of GVSU’s PRSSA, and an active member of her sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi. Noelle is currently a part-time Social Media and Communications Support Associate for Learning to Give. Noelle’s love of writing has inspired her to want to be a copywriter for an Advertising agency after graduation.