By: Trevor Bryan (@MeTrevorBryan)


Keeping up with the rapid pace of the public relations industry exhausts even the most apt of PR pros; but fear not, for I am here, your caffeinated commander and Chapter President, Trevor Bryan. Ready for the skinny on what’s #trending in public relations practices?

AI isn’t that scary!

Moving forward into the next decade, AI, or artificial intelligence, will be an integral aspect of PR. While building relationships is always at the forefront of PR, AI may seem like a cold, less-human way of getting the message across and connecting with your audience. Luckily, we aren’t anticipating any AI message-making (that’s our job!), but rather AI assisting in day-to-day tasks like media list making and analytics.

Content, Content, Content.

It’s been difficult at times to distinguish between content marketing and public relations as more and more brands shift to using content marketing strategies as their main relationship building effort with their constituents. The phrase “content is king” is likely to stick for quite a while longer.

Trust in Me(dia).

According to the latest Edelman Trust Barometer, distrust for the media continues into the new year. This proves to be a concerning trend in the industry as the worth of media relations withers and trust wanes. This is not to say that there isn’t any value or importance in media relations anymore, but its value has diminished. Refer to the above point for some clues on how to further connect with your audience.

Video PLz.

The surge in video content is hard to miss when analyzing PR trends in 2019. As social media became one of the main ways of communicating with audiences, and posting videos to your platform is easier than ever before, it was a recipe made in heaven for any film majors out there. Videos continue to be one of the most engaging content pieces online and is essential to delivering key messages to your stakeholders.

Being mindful of these trends is key to reaching your audiences. But with how quickly this industry moves and changes, I’m sure that there will be many more trends in the future- and many more blogs like this one.




Trevor Bryan is finishing up his third year at Grand Valley, and he’s loved every minute of it. Trevor is an Advertising and Public Relations major with a Sociology minor. From PRSSA to GrandPR, the school has provided ample opportunity to explore his major. This year, Trevor’s efforts have been focused on serving PRSSA’s E-Board as the Chapter President. When Trevor isn’t tweeting up a storm or tearing up the PRSSA podcast, PR Hangover, he loves to decompress with friends and laugh the night away.