By: Emily Anderson (@EmilyTsuda


2018 has come and gone and it’s time to welcome a new year with new marketing goals for companies and organizations. For some, the new year may bring exciting goals and prepared launches. However, for the ones that may be expecting a slow January, here are some ideas that might bring excitement to not only the employees, but new and current customers also.

Host a Social Media Contest

Social media can be a beautiful tool that costs nearly nothing but your time. Try hosting a fun and engaging contest for your current and potential new audience base. The goal is to receive engagement that can hopefully turn into leads. This might include using the poll features many platforms have or hosting a giveaway/sweepstake where the audience can repost a photo, or tag friends, to win a gift card, a shout out/feature, or a free product. Identify what marketing budget the company has set to set goals for increasing not only the social media presence, but engagement as well.

New Year, a New Product

It’s a new year, so what a great time to announce a new product or service! Even if it’s not something that might change the customers’ lives, it can show the customers that the company wants them to feel included in new decisions and changes being made.

Expecting Slow January Sales?

If you’re expecting January to be a slow month for the company, find a creative way to reach either the current customer base or a new one. Whether that’s a coupon that is different compared to the usual ones or a free product with a purchase, it’s important to strategically encourage customers to make purchases during the slow month of January. Another great way to keep customers engaged during a slow month is to vamp up your current social media efforts and change up the content to keep it fresh.


Let’s be real, a lot of customers stalk companies’ social media to look for secret coupon codes or for behind-the-scene looks. Customers are curious what the workplace is like because it creates a personal connection. Sharing photos of the not-so-professional aspects, including birthday celebrations, Halloween costume contests, or virtual tours can make customers feel more prone to remember your company.

It’s important to start the new year with goals to make the company succeed. Hopefully, with these few ideas, the new year will bring exciting surprises and a successful boost in the month of January. 





Emily Anderson is a senior majoring in Advertising and Public Relations. She is currently a Public Relations and Marketing Intern at Grand Rapids Community Foundation. On her free time, you can find her collaborating with global brands as a social media influencer.