By: Madison Farhat-Tomaszewski (@madisonfarhat


Lights, camera, ACTION!

PR in the fashion world is an exhilarating, fast-paced field where the hours are long, and the work is indeed extensive. It is a hands-on job, 24/7 keeping up with the latest trends to continue to obtain that highly-valued brand name.

The fashion industry is not a minor industry. Quite the opposite, it’s huge. Fashion dictates many of the behaviors and attitudes of the public, making it a highly competitive industry. In order to be successful, creating a strong brand name is key and Victoria’s Secret has done just that.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is more than just a fashion runway, it’s a glittery catwalk extravaganza promoting their brand of lingerie and sleepwear while being televised nationwide. It is the most-watched fashion show event of the year and they make sure of it.

So, let’s get the inside scoop on how Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show uses PR to their benefit.

Angels & Wings

The angels are the main focus for the event. They are easily one of the brand’s core assets who are also key components to the PR process. Victoria’s Secret sets up very high selection standards for its Angels. This makes the work with the brand very prestigious for top models, making it that more extravagant for the fashion show. Many models are well-known celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Gigi and Bella Hadid, Winnie Harlow, Behati Prinsloo Levine, and many more, which helps not only promote the brand but the entire show as a whole.

Earning your wings as an Angel is an honor. These wings are one of the brand assets that are used for different PR communication purposes. During the fashion show, Angels wear different types of wings in forms of different shapes, colors, and sizes. These wings show the individuality of the Angel and respectively each Victoria’s Secret customer.

The Million-Dollar Fantasy Bra

The fantasy bra is a way to grab viewers’ attention before the show even airs. It is an important element of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show that is specifically created just for the show. Revealing what the bra looks like and who is going to wear it keeps the audience on their toes before and after the show, making it the talk of the season.

Performing Artists

Live entertainment at any event is always a plus. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is known for having the best of the best artists performing during the epic runway show. This year’s artists Shawn Mendes, Bebe Rexha, Rita Ora, Halsey, etc., or previous artists such as The Weekend, Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift are all a part of the PR tools. These artists bring in more attention for the show, making it epic and one for the books every year.

Bloggers & Public Figures

Blogging has increased tremendously—it has grown so much that many of them have become public figures or soon-to-be celebrities in the making. These individuals have built a strong reputation and gained thousands of followers, which results to becoming eligible guests at the show. Inviting bloggers and public figures to events like the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is an excellent PR element for Victoria’s Secret as they are bringing in all of their followers.

TV & Social Media

As stated before, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is the most-watch fashion show event of the year and using a classic, old-fashioned PR element by implementing TV is indeed still effective. Broadcasting the event on television brings in viewers from all over the world, making it accessible to anyone at any time.

Using social media is one of the best and most applicable strategies when wanting to implement PR. Not only does Victoria’s Secret promote the show, but all of the models, fashion bloggers, artists, and celebrities post nonstop about when, where, who and why on their social channels. Viewers will likely see a post about the fashion show regardless of their interest in doing so.

Location Matters

Hosting the event in unique locations gives the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show that much more awareness. Locations include: NYC, Shanghai, London, Paris and many others. Allowing the show to be featured in multiple locations gives the brand and fashion show a more powerful, unique, and exotic type of event.

The fashion industry is very cut-throat and keeping your head above the water can be difficult. But by using these PR tips from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, your brand too could be just as extravagant!




Madison Farhat-Tomaszewski is currently a senior at Grand Valley State University studying advertising and public relations. She is one of the newest members of GrandPR, Grand Valley’s student-run integrated marketing and public relations firm, and is the Social Media Director for our GVSU PRSSA chapter.