By: Courtney Fogle (@courtnxyfogle


October is PRSA/PRSSA relationship month. In celebration of this, we are doing two podcasts with West Michigan PRSA board members. Our first podcast features West Michigan’s PRSA Board President, Amy LeFebre, to discuss how to develop meaningful relationships between chapters and local students. You can listen to this episode here!

PRSA Membership

Amy says WMPRSA’s membership is reflective of the industry, since the members are a nice mix of individuals from multi-client firms, corporate communications, healthcare, manufacturing, higher education, and nonprofit. Programming opportunities and committee service opportunities help members engage with other professionals and maintain industry standards. On a national level, you can find best practices and gain resources from their programming.

Professional Development

Being involved in PRSA provides ample opportunity for professional development, especially from learning and communicating with other professionals. Members are able to learn the best practices of public relations as well as build relationships with their “competitors” in the field. A number of members have told Amy that they got their jobs from being involved in PRSA and building relationships with other members.

Building Student-Professional Relationships

A current focus WMPRSA has is to work with students and develop mutually beneficial relationships, especially because students are the future of PR. Some ways Amy and the team have initiated this is by inviting students to come to the PRSA programs and write a blog post, allowing them to experience the programming and share their insights on the subject. In 2019, they’d like to add a mentor day for students and professionals to work together and communicate about how to reach goals. They also would like to have student voices on committees.

How Students can Benefit from PRSA

  • Attend the PRSA programs and learn more about public relations
  • Networking – one-on-one opportunities
  • Sit down and have coffee with a PRSA member
  • Go on the PRSSA agency tours and develop relationship with those professionals
  • Student to student communication about what they’ve learned from PRSA members

To learn more about building relationships between PRSA and PRSSA chapters, click here!



Courtney Fogle is a junior studying Advertising and Public Relations. She is currently the Podcast Director for PRSSA and an account associate at GrandPR. Courtney is a singer-songwriter, with hopes to combine her love of music and PR so that she can work in the music industry managing artists and their brands. In her free time, you can find her listening to music or taking pictures of her cat, Oliver.