By: Haley Patterson (@HPATTERSON07


The Importance of Planning

Event planning is one of the many important tasks that fall under the umbrella of public relations. When planning an event for a client, it’s important to be focused and understand how to make the most of the event for your client. The most important thing to remember is to never procrastinate, and always be prepared. As a public relations expert in the world of event planning, you need to understand the objective for the event and the overall goal that needs to be accomplished. Once that has been achieved, it’s time to make an event plan.

What should an event plan include?

The event plan should include the times and dates that each task needs to be completed. This is very important to ensure that tasks are achieved on time for a great event. Another element to consider when putting the plan together is the target audience; everything you do should serve to benefit them in some way. The plan should also include communication updates on various platforms, including social media, the website, and possibly email. Make the message about your events stimulating to the eyes and ears of the public- a good photo will inspire people to like and share.

Scheduled Check-ins

An additional aspect of developing a good event plan is making sure that you are reflecting on how the tasks are being achieved, let’s call these check-ins. These should be regularly scheduled throughout the process of getting your event ready to go. Who should be apart of check-ins? This should include your entire team that is used to get this event to its full potential, along with any outside assistance that is necessary to make your event happen.

Developing a Team

When it comes to creating an event, it usually means that it’s going to be a team effort. Of course, that means knowing what role everyone should have and the correct task that each individual should take on in order for things to go smoothly. For example, sometimes speeches have to be written for an event. Knowing who can write, and who can’t, is important. Another task might be working with the media, and being aware of who the best communicator for the job is to make arrangements for interviews and press conferences is critical. Developing a great team and understanding each of their strengths and weaknesses is important to prepare the best team for the event.

The Importance of Post-Event

The post-event measurement and follow-up is just as important as the actual event. Once the event is over, you need to focus on preparing a post-event show breakdown for your client. This highlights the achievements of the event you put on, and the importance of the overall outcome from the event. Recaps of the events on social media are also important to extend the life of the event and reach those who didn’t attend the event. This is especially important in trying to create an annual event as it creates more attraction and has more potential to attract additional attendees for the following year. If you have a detailed and strategic event plan, and are able to execute it with few setbacks, then you should be able to pull off a great event! This is beneficial to the individuals who attended or are interested in the event, the company who put the event on, and for yourself in advancing your professional career.



Haley Patterson is currently a senior at Grand Valley State University studying Communications and minoring in Advertising and Public Relations. When she is not working on academic endeavors, you can find her catching up on a good book, or getting herself mentally prepared to run in another 5k. She also enjoys listening to a good podcast during long drives.