By: Courtney Fogle (@courtnxyfogle) and Brooklyn Wilson (@brookwilson97)


This year, PRSSA has a lot of exciting things planned. The E-Board has been working hard all summer to ensure another valuable, stimulating and entertaining year. Our latest episode of PR Hangover featured three of our 2018-19 PRSSA Executive Board members- Chloe English, Brooklyn Wilson, and Morgan Shaffer. They discuss what they plan to accomplish through their roles in the upcoming months, with member engagement as a top priority. Here are a few things you can look forward to as a new or returning member:


We have a powerful program of compelling and engaging topics and speakers this year thanks to Amanda Hume. Our first speaker is Francesca Jasinski from Founders Brewery on September 5th! Another fun meeting to look for is our Sports Panel in October, featuring Kasey Sullivan from GVSU Athletics and Aaron Sagraves from Cornerstone Athletics. The majority of topics covered this year are new to PRSSA or haven’t been talked about in a long time, so Amanda is excited to bring new perspectives to our members this year!

Member Services

Being a member of PRSSA can provide students with plentiful opportunities to get involved and develop their professional careers. For Morgan, our VP of Member Services, it’s critical that new members feel welcome. She recently took part in Grand Valley’s Campus Life Night, an annual student organization fair, to engage with potential new members and enjoy playing games and eating candy with other students around campus. Morgan is a friendly face that’s willing to break barriers between new and returning members, and she’s ready to make sure everyone is as excited as she is for the year to come.


One great way to get involved with PRSSA is to blog for us! Brooklyn’s love of writing led her to her position as VP of PR, and one of her main goals this year is to involve underclassmen. If you’re wondering how to dip your toes into becoming an involved member, writing a blog is one of the easiest ways to begin. It could be a recap of a topic or speaker from a meeting, your personal experience after an event or agency tour, or just something you’re interested in exploring and discussing. Sometimes it’s intimidating to jump into a new organization, but blogging can help you develop professionally and get your name some recognition. You’ll get member points for writing a blog and a shoutout on social! Oh, and it is also a great portfolio piece to add to your resume. What’s there to lose?

Agency Tours

Chloe’s plan as VP of Professional Development was to explore agencies we haven’t been to in the past 6 years and make new connections. You can expect a variety of agency tours that have never been done before, or haven’t in quite some time, and each organization is very excited to host us! Our first agency tour will be a trip to Ann Arbor to visit PRIME Research and Phire Group on September 21st! These agency tours can provide students with the ultimate networking opportunity, and we all know that networking is vital in any career, especially public relations. You get exposure to both the field and the professionals, and you never know who may need an intern.

APR Laker Tailgate Mixer

Emily Gagnon, our VP of Alumni Relations, is working to maintain relationships with our APR alumni. This year the APR Laker Tailgate Mixer is on September 22nd! GVSU APR alumni, professors, majors, minors, and local professionals are invited. We hope to see you there!

I hope you’re as excited for this year as our E-Board members are! If you have any questions about what to expect from PRSSA or about getting involved, please reach out to any of our E-Board members. They are always eager to meet new students and help members in any way they can!