By: Evan Clark (@evankclark)


New year, new E-board, which means it’s time to put a face to the name and also a little personality while we’re at it.

I’d like to start off by saying thank you for taking the first step in getting to know me, Evan Clark, by reading this. Who am I? Well, I am the newly appointed Director of Social Media for GVSU PRSSA. What does that entail? If you were assuming it meant that I run the GVSU PRSSA’s social media channels, then you would be correct. As Director of Social Media, it is my job to keep our chapter’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram up and running with fresh content daily. It’s my goal to keep everyone informed, interested, and engaged with our chapter online to further those things in person. Everything PRSSA can be found on these channels. However, as Director of Social Media, I’m not just PRSSA’s megaphone. I’d like to think I’m the ears, too. Which means I want to hear from you guys on our channels. Tag us, comment, and talk to us through social media because PR is so much more than talking to, it’s talking with.

Enough about the position, I’d like for you guys to get to me know better! This year I will be a Junior at GVSU majoring in Advertising and Public Relations with an emphasis in PR. I currently have my minor declared as Writing, but things change so we’ll see if it sticks. Last year I worked with GrandPR, the student-run public relations firm, as both an Account Associate and Account Executive. During the Fall semester I was a first-time Account Associate, but when my Account Executive had to step down because of a crazy busy schedule, I took up her mantle as Account Executive and finished out the Winter semester in that position. It was a wild ride and I’ll never forget the things I learned or the experience I gained that couldn’t have come from the classroom. GrandPR is a great way to get so much more out of your time as a student. However, PR student organizations aren’t the only things I do. I also work GVSU Event Services on the Allendale campus. Our main function is to help schedule and coordinate events in the Kirkhof Center and Cook-Dewitt Center. We also reserve spaces such as the lawn outside the Mary Idema Pew Library, the area around the Cook Carillon Tower, and do weddings in the Cook-Dewitt Center and the Arboretum. I love working there and helping student organizations, university departments, and other clients with all of their event needs.

So now that you’re sick of reading about my academics and my job, I’ll get a little more personal. Believe it or not I do have fun and it might be my fatal flaw. I tend to be a “yes man,” as in I can hardly ever say “no” to people. When I’m not in class, doing homework, or at work, I can usually be found with friends. If a friend texts me asking if I can hang out, I have a hard time declining. This leads to me doing something with my friends, whether it be watching a movie, playing videos games, or whatever else, and then staying up extremely late doing the homework I should have been doing earlier. It’s a vicious, inescapable cycle. To backtrack a little, I said I watch movies with my friends… and I mean a lot of movies. My favorite flick is V for Vendetta. Without spoiling anything I highly recommend it to those that hate fascism and think vigilantes are cool. I cannot and have never been able to pick a favorite book because everytime I finish one it’s the best book I’ve read until I read another. When it comes to color that one is easy- it’s orange. You would never be able to guess though as I can’t wear it, it isn’t very tasteful for decorating, and I really don’t own anything that’s orange.

Alright, I feel like I’m rambling now. I’ll end by asking you to introduce yourself and strike up a conversation if I don’t do so first. If you’re not sure what to talk about it’s always a safe bet that we can talk for hours about Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, or anything in that wheelhouse. I look forward to connecting with some new people this year!



Evan Clark is a Junior at Grand Valley State University. While majoring in Advertising and Public Relations, Evan is also the Director of Social Media for GVSU PRSSA. He looks forward to gaining more experience within the field and networking with peers and professionals. In his free time Evan is an avid Netflix viewer, his favorite show is House of Cards, and enjoys spending time with friends.