By: Morgan Shaffer (@morganshafferr)


Hi Lakers!

I’m Morgan Shaffer, your VP of Member Services for the 2018-19 school year! I’m a senior here at Grand Valley State University majoring in communications and minoring in advertising and public relations.

Before I landed this position, I was a communications intern at a nonprofit organization, i understand, and I now work as a communications assistant at an amazing firm called 8THIRTYFOUR. I am excited to step into this role to meet all the new members and share with them all the great things PRSSA offers.

As a communications major, I am extremely interested in ethics and preventing any more Kendall-Pepsi incidents. I am also in love with succulents; they make a great gift and leave a lasting impression.

For PRSSA, I really want to see our membership grow to underclassmen. We have so many great juniors and seniors who develop amazing skills in just 2 years, so I would love to see how much skill someone can gain from PRSSA after being a part of the organization for 4 years!

Something crazy about me? My eyes are two different colors, but not from birth. I had cataract surgery when I was 18 months and something with the surgery went array and left me with two different colored eyes!

To any of you newbies out there – I was a transfer student and felt really lost my first month at GVSU. I want you to feel comfortable at PRSSA, whether you’re a transfer or not. Reach out to me with any questions and we can grab a coffee!



Morgan Shaffer is a senior at Grand Valley pursuing a degree in Communications. As a transfer student, Morgan really found her niche and family in PRSSA. When she isn’t recruiting new PRSSA members, you can find her planting succulents, forcing her cat to hang out with her, and binging on bad reality TV. Love coffee? Morgan too. Meet up with her at Littlebird cafe in downtown Grand Rapids if you want to chat about life, PRSSA, or your favorite reality TV show.