By: Kearsten Frusti (@frusti_kearsten )


In years past, writers have responded to people who looked down on their profession as something that lacks value or is perceived as a “starving artist” profession. However, with the advances in technology and the impact of social media on everyday communications, copywriting has become a huge player in corporate success.


Copywriters now play an essential role in businesses when it comes to developing campaigns, advertisements, public relations announcements and more. Currently, copywriters have become an indispensable commodity because they not only bring creative writing to the table, but most also have some kind of advertising or public relations experience. This knowledge gives copywriters them the authority and expertise to communicate with specific audiences.


Interestingly, the writing profession is no longer a “starving artist” profession. According to PayScale, entry-level copywriting positions offer a $45,000 salary (senior-level copywriters can expect an annual salary of $100,000).


The pay isn’t even the best part of being a copywriter. There is also so much career freedom due to the online nature of public relations and advertising. Many copywriters have found that working freelance or sub-contracting for firms have given them the freedom to work from anywhere because their job is almost solely based online. If you have a laptop, a charger, and some headphones you can plan out a campaign, put together the copy for an advertisement, edit a press release, and more.


Today, the field of advertising and public relations is always adapting to the changes in audiences, technology, and social media. One of the biggest changes in this field has been the more normalized addition of copywriters into every aspect of public relations and advertising. Copywriters no longer stand alone; they are a part of the team. Teams like these can put together some amazing work for their company and their clients.


So always remember never count out your copywriter, they can help you brainstorm, reach a specific part of your audience with enticing words, and bring your business to the next level with a different kind of creative prowess.


Kearsten Frusti is a Writing major with a minor in Public Relations and Advertising. She spends her time traveling, writing and trying as many coffee shops she can find.