By: Madison Farhat-Tomaszewski (@MadisonFT1)

Spring break is here, alive, and ready to roll! We may now take a sigh of relief after making it through our papers, projects, and midterms because spring break has arrived, and we are ready!

As it is the week to let loose and chill with a drink in our hand (if you’re 21 of course), we have the tendency to let our friends and family know each and every second how we are enjoying our relaxing free time via social media. We must remember that although we are in spring break mode, we must still be cautious as to what we post on our accounts. Those of us searching for internships, summer positions, or jobs do not want to be negatively viewed for what we post.

So as a courtesy to us all, I have written up a list of some do’s and don’ts as we are scrambling to pack our bags for that warm sunshine.

Tip 1

DON’T post pictures of yourself with alcohol. Even if you are in a country with a lower legal drinking age, it is illegal here in the U.S., and this can reflect poorly on you in the eyes of employers. Additionally, posting a picture with alcohol is sometimes considered unprofessional, especially if you are currently job searching.

DO post about that delicious crab leg you ate for dinner on the beach overlooking the water as the sun was setting or that egg avocado toast with fruit and that tall glass of fresh squeezed orange juice you had for breakfast.

Tip 2

DON’T whatever you do, for the love of your precious puppy, post any embarrassing pictures of yourself, doing who knows what, with who knows who. You may laugh at this memory now, but it can come back to haunt you in the future. Making memories with friends, new friends, and anyone on the beach in college is always exciting, but we need to understand that posting something that is funny to you may not be hilarious to your future boss.

DO use this time to meet new friends, connect, and network. Who knows, the guy on the beach with the obnoxious hot-pink flamingo swim trunks could be friends with an employee at the company you are dying to work for. Meeting new people is a great way to expand your horizon in the working world.

Tip 3

DON’T be irresponsible or make dangerous decisions because believe it or not, all of our family, friends, teammates, and classmates indeed want to see your beautiful faces next week.

DO get your toes wet and try new things! Getting out of your comfort zone pushes you to open up your eyes and mind to bigger and better things. You gain confidence and will grow as a whole! Also, wear sunscreen!

Tip 4

DON’T spend your entire trip tweeting, posting, or chatting on your phone. Constantly checking what other people are doing distracts you from what you are actually doing.

DO live in the present. Soak up every ounce of sunshine. Hold on to these memories and don’t be afraid to step away from the partying and the constant noise to enjoy nature. Take in the sunshine and breeze and listen to the waves of the ocean. As of those staying here, there are soundtracks of the ocean, same thing just shut your eyes!


So, happy Spring Break my fellow Lakers! Remember to be cautious, responsible, but mostly relax! Enjoy your week off and have fun!


Madison Farhat-Tomaszewski is a student at GVSU studying Advertising & Public Relations. She is also an active member of GV PRSSA.