By: Trevor BryanClowns have a lot to answer for. They’ve terrorized our towns for too long, and our nightmares even longer. This being said, as a PR pro with an appetite for learning, I wonder what we can learn from this cataclysmic clown crisis? I draw four main commonalities between the Clown Crisis, and Crisis Public Relations.

  1. It comes when you’re least expecting it. Don’t get too comfortable. If you’re organization is sitting pretty under minimal to no scrutiny, they may be about to enter a crisis. Appearing out of nowhere, the clowns strike! Be prepared by constantly being on your toes, and monitor your media and news outlets for impending crises.
  2. It spreads like wildfire. If your crisis team isn’t well equipped, the crisis will catch fire. Clowns started few in number, but then built up an entire army. Don’t let your crisis spread through the masses like the clowns did. Get your team on it with a response in minutes. As public relations pros, we must put the fire out, not feed it. You heard me: don’t feed the clowns.
  3. It gets really scary. Those clowns may appear harmless at first glance, but be wary of the machetes hidden behind their backs. Your organization’s crisis could seem to peter out, but then be back at it again with a new development. As scary as it may get for you, be brave and have confidence. Grab your laptop, notepad, and flashlight. Those clowns don’t even know what’s about to come their way.
  4. It goes away. As quick as the clowns invaded our neighborhoods, they were gone. Quell the crisis with your team efficiently and effectively. Contain your crisis by limiting the number of channels the crisis wades in. Don’t you dare open that crisis to a communication medium it wasn’t invited to. Creepy crawly crises get squished quicker that way.

So with the Halloween season in full effect, what can you do to stop the clowns? Fight them like you’d fight a crisis.

Trevor is a first-year at Grand Valley, and he’s loved every minute of it. From PRSSA to Grand PR, the school has provided ample opportunity to explore his major. Trevor is an Advertising and Public Relations major with a Public Relations emphasis, and he’s also pursuing a Writing minor. When Trevor isn’t tweeting up a storm or tearing up the PRSSA podcast, PR Hangover, he loves to decompress with friends and laugh the night away.