​By: Cassandra McAllisterSession: How to Write a Killer Job Application

Presenter: Danny Rubin

You know that you have captivated a group of young PR professionals when not a single audience member had a cell phone in their hand.  Every audience member was too busy writing down presenter Danny Rubin’s insight to even Tweet his best lines.  If that doesn’t impress you, I don’t know what will!  Rubin inspired all who attended his session, How to Write a Killer Job Application, to begin researching and contacting potential companies immediately.  

Rubin gave three main points of advice.  He emphasized the importance of quantifying information. He encouraged young professionals to provide numbers and statistics to back their credentials up. It is not enough to give facts without proof of statistics.  He discussed the importance of answering how much, how many and how often in an application.  As students, we spend countless hours in academic clubs, holding leadership positions, and as interns.  He said that we all have a unique story to tell.  We are all working hard, and to make sure that hard work does not go to waste.  

The next piece of advice he provided was to do research and crush the expectations.  He suggested researching a company thoroughly. It is not enough to simply state that you went to their website and enjoy their work.  Rubin encouraged students to take the extra time to truly acknowledge an event in the company which occurred within the last year and why you respect their work.  He pointed out that if you want to work for a company it is imperative you know what this company does as it will become your entire world.  This company has the potential to take 8, 9 or 10 hours of your day. He encouraged the audience to get ahead by looking out and acknowledging the success of others instead of ourselves.  

His third and final tip was to create a storytelling cover letter.  He told us that it is not enough to provide the experience you have. Instead, tell the story! He encouraged all of us to think of a time when we struggled through, when we went above and beyond, and use that as a story in our cover letter. When sending in a cover letter, the main goal is to stand out, yet we all start our cover letters the same way – with our name, education, and why we are qualified for the job.  He discussed the value of providing our authentic story, because no two people will ever have the same experience.

When I say that I wanted to begin applying for jobs right then and there in that room, I am not joking. The energy and enthusiasm Rubin brought to the room was not only refreshing, but also completely inspiring.  He provided such useful and applicable information providing us with tools and encouragement to go out and get our dream jobs!  

Cassandra is a  junior at Grand Valley State University obtaining a double major in Advertising and Public Relations and Business.  Cassandra identifies as a sprinkle enthusiast, sugar addict, and an avid list maker.  She believes that a Lake Michigan sunset is the best way to end any day, and that happiness can be found within the pages of a book.