By: Becky ThomasonSession: Vera Bradley “It’s Good to be a Girl”

Presenter: Holly Wagner

PRSSA National Conference is fortunate in being able to recruit such a spirited and passionate industry speaker like Holly Wagner. Holly has been with Vera Bradley for 12 years and works with product placement and blogging, while also passionately advocating Vera’s new brand message: “It’s good to be a girl!”.

The content of the session revolved around Vera Bradley’s recent re-brand in regards to how they implement the new campaign, the current response to the changes, and the future of Vera Bradley.

The re-brand began August 25th, 2016 after there was a large decrease in Vera enthusiasm within the graduating millennials. The company use to market to ages 8-80, but found that millennials transitioning to the working world couldn’t identify with the brand. Now,Vera markets to what they call “The day maker,” who they like to refer to as Amanda. Amanda is a 26 to 35 year old who loves to be involved in everything. She is the hostess of the party, but not necessarily the life of it. Amanda is more concerned with making sure everything is going well and guests are comfortable.

The re-brand includes leather Vera bags that still feature the classic colorful patterns on the inside. The leather bags allow consumers to have a professional option. Holly made a point to include that the brand is not necessarily feminist, but pro feminism. The message is: “Femininity is not dead.” because femininity is part of why it’s great to be a girl! So often women hear why it’s hard to be a woman, but Vera wants us to recognize the millions of reasons why it’s so awesome.

In fact, Holly’s team is so dedicated to this message they have created a hub in which women from all over can share their reasons why it’s good to be a girl on social media and on Vera’s website! Vera has also sponsored concerts with the new rebrand at Adele and Carrie Underwood concerts held in Madison Square Garden. The concerts feature a  Twitter vending machine in which participants can verify that they have used the #itsgoodtobeagirl and the machine gives them a Vera gift.

So, what’s next? Vera Bradley plans to keep the hub in hopes of continuing the empowerment of women. They are also adding new products such as rain boots and adult coloring book. Holly said it best: “Millenials want something that stands for something bigger.” and that’s why we all LOVE the new re-brand.


Pitured above: Becky snapping a photo with Public Relations and Product Placement Representative for Vera Bradley
.Becky Thomason is a 5th year senior at Grand Valley State University studying advertising and public relations. She plans to graduate in April 2017 and hopes to pursue a career in either Fashion public relations or crisis management. When it comes to public relations, Becky’s main interests lie in social media management, blog writing, and event planning and promotion. In her free time, she loves to watch documentaries, cuddle her two bunnies and binge watch Downton Abby