By: Taylor FleckHave you ever seen a Public Relations major without a coffee in their hand? Maybe my strong addiction to caffeine is what pushed me in the direction of PR, or maybe it’s my ability to strike up a conversation with anyone about nearly anything.

I’m Taylor Fleck and I will be serving as the Vice President of Public Relations this year for our chapter of PRSSA. It is my job to run the PRSSA website, consult with blog writers, and post engaging content to our website.

When I’m not eating ice cream or writing in my journal, you can find me attempting to be good at group exercise classes or obsessing over my dog. Along with PRSSA, I am a member of a sorority as well as a member of Greeks Against Sexual Assault.

This summer I spent my time taking classes and working at Tim Hortons in the wonderful town of Allendale. This job wasn’t a glamorous PR internship, and I came home smelling like donuts every day. However, it taught me the importance of first impressions, and that you are always representing your business or your brand. Throughout the summer I had the opportunity to speak with professionals in all different fields, and even gained an internship opportunity simply by talking with a customer. While I wasn’t at a PR firm or gaining office experience, I was able to strengthen my communication skills and learned that every conversation is an opportunity to build a network of connections.

Having just joined PRSSA a year ago, I cannot stress how many amazing opportunities you can gain from this organization. Don’t take your time in undergrad for granted, seize every opportunity you can. Come to meetings, go to agency tours, and reach out to executive board members with questions, comments, or ideas. I am looking forward to working closely with so many of you this year!

If you are interested in writing a blog for our website,or have any questions regarding PRSSA, feel free to contact me via email or twitter!

Twitter: @TaylorAustin5