Hello everyone, I’m Bri Olson and I am so glad to be back at school. Is that nerdy to say? Anyways, my hometown is the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, but I’ve fallen in love with the West Michigan area. I feel like I am more focused and devoted to my professional life when I am living on my own in my little Allendale apartment.

My major 
is Advertising and Public Relations with an emphasis in PR, however, I  am also passionate about photography and the creativity behind it. In fact, it was actually my major my freshman year. I currently serve as the VP of Member Services for PRSSA as well as an Account Associate for GrandPR. One thing I will focus on as the VP of Member Services is increasing the number of underclassmen members. Getting students involved early is crucial because younger members are the future of PRSSA.I am super excited to be starting my fall internship for

Gemini Publications, where GV alum Madison Mabin will be my supervisor. Gemini Publications publishes the Grand Rapids Magazine and the Grand Rapids Business Journal, so I hope I can further my writing skills during my time as their intern. This past spring, I received a Superior Award for my case study on the Flint water crisis. I chose this topic not only because I wanted to learn more about the crisis but also, because I have an interest for conflict management. Besides conflict management, my favorite aspects of PR are relationship building, networking, creative strategy, event planning, and project managing.This summer I lived in Allendale for a month and Chicago for a month. I knew this would be my living arrangement so I wasn’t able to commit myself to an internship this summer. During my time in Allendale, I was taking classes and practicing time management at it’s finest. While in Chicago, I contacted all the families that I’ve ever babysat in my life, desperately needing some summer cash in my pocket. After many responses back, I realized the true importance of relationship building in everyday life. Families that I haven’t seen in years did not hesitate to call me when they needed someone to watch their children. What I’ve learned from this experience is that if you truly commit yourself to your clients needs, they will come back again and again.

Taking CAP 220 this summer with Dr. Penning made me realize that PR is the perfect career for me. Growing up I was always the kid who tried twenty different sports and activities but didn’t feel like there was one that I truly enjoyed or in which I excelled. I would take career placement tests in high school and I would always receive mixed results. Thankfully, PR is the perfect fit for me because most of the time you’re doing twenty things at once and it’s a little bit of everything. I am very excited to see what is in store for our chapter of PRSSA this year.

My bit of advice is to take advantage of all the opportunities and resources that you have during your time at Grand Valley. So many things will come your way. You have to be passionate and hustle, get involved, and make connections with your peers and your superiors. Thankfully PRSSA lays everything out for you, all you have to do is commit some time and eagerness to learn new things. I love meeting new people and being an advocate for GVSU and PRSSA.