By: Jaclyn Ermoyan

As it turns out, school was indeed only out for summer, and not forever, yet again this year. The 
PRSSA eboard is well into planning an amazing year for our members and I am honored to be on the board for my second year.Last year, I served as the Vice President of Professional

Development and this year I am moving to the Chief Executive Officer position for GrandPR. (For those of you who don’t know, GrandPR is Grand Valley’s Nationally Affiliated student-run public relations firm). Preparing to come back to school for my final year at Grand Valley, I want to make sure you all know how to take advantage of everything this organization has to offer. Did you know that every PRSSA meeting, public relations professionals share their knowledge and advice with you? They leave their contact information and encourage you to reach out to them. Did you know that PRSSA organizes tours to local organizations that PR students are likely to be interested in? Many times these agencies and corporations are offering internships!PRSSA is literally getting your foot in the door of future employers.
I love my time with PRSSA. I’ve been a member for two years and can’t stress the impact this
experience has made on me professionally.

This summer I was lucky to have an internship at Well Design Studio, largely thanks to Alicia
Saragosa, the 2015-2016 PRSSA VP of Public Relations. At Well, I served as the Media
Relations Manager and in this position, I gained experience writing press releases and pitching
to the media, human centered design in the form of conducting customer interviews, social
media content creation, and general strategic planning. Bonus internship experiences gained
from my time at Well include shooting basketball 3-pointers, go-kart etiquette and how to get
work done while having a blast (and a beer).

The best advice someone ever gave me that I would like to pass on to you is to simply show up.
Show up to events to meet new people and explore topics that you want to learn more about.
Show up to wherever you are at the moment, too, because that’s how you get the most out of life. If you’re with your friends, be there. If you’re in class, be there! Show up to your
extracurriculars (ahem, PRSSA). Take advantage of student perks while you can!

​I hope that you do show up, and I hope that you learn about the industry and about yourself. We
have great things lined up for both GrandPR and PRSSA. The board strives to create the best
experiences we can for you. I, personally, have been working all summer to get great clients
lined up for the fall!

Trust me, you’re not gonna want to miss any #PRWednesdays this year.
P.S. If you’re interested in GrandPR, check out our website! Apply to join our staff or become a