By: Kelly Darcy​I have no idea what I want to do with my life, and I have no clue where I see
myself in five years. I am a senior Advertising and Public Relations student with a
minor in Women, Gender, and Sexualities Studies. I also love any coffee with almond
milk and good music.

Last year was my first year as a member of PRSSA and now this year I am the
Director of Social Media.

I started doing social media for brands and different events about 3 years
ago, but it really picked up last year. Learning about strategic and planned
social media efforts really sparked my interest.

This summer I was the eCommerce Data Analyst and Customer Engagement
intern at Herman Miller in Holland, Michigan. I learned a lot about corporate
company cultures as well as how important it is to have connections in the real
world. We are constantly told that networking is important, and I experienced first
hand that asking a PRSSA speaker to coffee can lead to a mentor, friend, and an
awesome internship.

Herman Miller’s intern program was an experience I will never forget. My team
was housed together,which made it feel like we lived in a different
world and helped us form stronger connections with eachother. Besides the work
for our actual internship, we were also assigned to an Internship Project team. We
work with this team on a company-wide problem throughout the  summer.
​This was the biggest learning experience. Once we finished
solving the problem, or attempting to, we had to present out findings to anyone who
wanted to come see our presentation, including multiple Executive Team Leaders
(ELT) of Herman Miller. Talk about stress!

I was able to overcome my fear of public speaking and my team and I rocked
our presentation. (So yes, it is possible to overcome a fear of public speaking!) I’ve
never felt so good or proud of myself. My Cap 220 Plan Book was a close second

I did miss being in a more creative role, so I am excited to do a lot more Social
Media this year for PRSSA.
Feel free to tweet me @KayDarcc and we can link up. There’s no such thing
as too many connections!