By: Ashley Mamula ​It’s that time of year again—where brands pull out those pranks they have been saving for the past twelve months. April Fools’ Day has now come and gone, leaving us with plenty of pranks to talk about.

Here are some of my favorites:

Esurance–Election insurance. For those of us who are already planning our move to Canada this November, Esurance has introduced “election insurance”, a plan that protects your home during the four years that you will be avoiding America. “The smart way to protect your home, after you abandon it.” We applaud you, Esurance, for looking out for the greater good of America. I’m sure this is one prank we all wish was true.

Quilted Northern–Rustic Weave. The prank that made us cringe! This is hand crafted, hand perforated toilet paper that “rolls back 100 years of innovation”. It is offered in “small batch”, “cedar loom” and “extra virgin birch.” As much as I appreciate effort and “craft” in products, I think I will be able to pass on this Artisanal toilet paper.

A Netflix Original documentary–“Stamos: A Human, Being.” Netflix took April Fools’ Day to a new level. Their target? John Stamos. On April Fools’ Day, Netflix released a trailer to a documentary based on John Stamos’s life. But the joke didn’t end there. By the end of the day, Netflix released a second video featuring Netflix’s Content Director ‘apologizing’ for making fun of John Stamos and informing everyone that they will, in fact, be moving forward with the documentary. Where the joke ends is not clear, but I give Netflix an A+ for pulling a prank that didn’t exactly go their way, but still continuing to engage with their audience.

Cheesecake Factory–Nacho CheesecakeNow, I love nacho cheese as much as the next person, but I’m not so sure about this one. On April 1st, the Cheesecake Factory ‘released’ their new “Nacho Cheesecake” on their Facebook page. They later shared that it was a joke, but not before fans took it upon themselves to dispute whether or not it was the real deal.

April Fools’ Day 2016 was met with some great pranks. It is very interesting to see how brands interact with their audiences on this fun-filled holiday.

Ashley Mamula is Grand Valley PRSSA’s VP of Chapter Development and an Account Associate for GrandPR. She has a passion for thrifting, making her the perfect fit to be working as a Marketing Assistant at Goodwill of Greater Grand Rapids. As an advertising and public relations major, she loves learning about the latest PR trends.